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Ban Duel Arena.

Cost for resubmitting payment

about 16 hours ago - /u/JagexSween on Reddit - Thread - Direct

There's a fourteen day grace period with retaining older rates. You'll keep the $5 if you're able to resubscribe within that time!

My Wise Old Man runescape tribute tat

about 23 hours ago - /u/JagexGee on Reddit - Thread - Direct

This is A-MAZING. Great idea and beautifully done; Please shout-out your artist, do they have IG?

19 Nov

A few words to the community...

1 day ago - /u/JagexFlippy on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by X15Sky

hopefully we can keep this train going.

Endurance gang can keep it running.

Prayer exp? Save ammo? All I hear is limited endurance.

Hi there,

Twisted League has soon been out for a week, and I feel like I have to show some appreciation towards you guys and your engagement regarding the update.

Iโ€™ve seen so many posts, comments and tweets with many kind words, great feedback and valid, useful criticism. This canโ€™t be taken for granted as a dev, so thank you for sharing your opinions and ideas.

This update was something I and many others from the team really believed in, but of course we canโ€™t know how it will play out in reality until release. I feel like many of you legit gave the update a shot before making your mind up and that means the world.

Weโ€™ve had a blast with this update and it seems like you guys like it too, so hopefully we can keep this train going. Peronally, in the future, Iโ€™d like to keep the game mode fresh by avoiding too much repetition and keep the key parts that you all seem to enjoy. That way, when a League starts, we can all be noobs toge...

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Dude seeing this makes me so happy. This is what I talked about pretty early on in a livestream when the concept was in the making. I really hope we can achieve this to some degree in future Leagues as well, because to me itโ€™s one of the core parts of the design.

Happy you fell in love with the game again, see you on Zeah!

Originally posted by alumniac

Just to clarify Incase you can elaborate - Oda kept his money and based on what is being seen and what his opponent said, the other 10B was lost into a black hole because the win screen never populated on odas screen but a winner was already determined?

Hmm, that doesn't sound right. There are numerous checks on the Duel Arena to get the money to the right place. The default position in a ddoss is (or was) that both parties lost their stake. If that hasn't changed then something else happened at it wasn't a ddos.

Pretty sure it is meant to work that way. if a fight is ddossed everyone loses. There are no other real options for how it can work. As soon as you try to decide who is winning at any one point it is open for abuse.

Although not an official answer of course.

Quashed offense unquashed?

2 days ago - /u/JagexTyran on Reddit - Thread - Direct

The account was banned for selling gold, and a member of staff erroneously unbanned it when we first rolled out our macro ban appeal flow. Following this, it was then found to be sold so the account came to view again and was re-banned for that.

Originally posted by GrizzlyChump

I've posted this for the past 9 weeks, but let's hope this finally gets answered.

Any chance we can have the option to burn useless God pages and turn them into burnt pages? It'll help bring useless page prices (looking at you guthix) to a higher value, which in turn raises the value of clue hunting. Also, this was mentioned by Mod Ash at one point and he said he liked it, sooo........


Hey Grizzly, you're right that this suggestion has been discussed before! I've made sure it's in the backlog for consideration.

18 Nov


Game Improvements Poll Blog

3 days ago - /u/JagexGambit on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by ZombyHippy

Wanna fix polls? Keep em open long enough that people can actually take part in them if they go on vacation or have a hard/busy time for a week so someone other than the no-lifing sweats and merchers can actually get a vote in.

And as for your integrity changes slow down on those or go for game mechanic and lore consistency over loud mercher and mob streamer agendas. Hotfixes to new content obviously excepted with the lack of game testing that goes on before updates, as much as people would have loved to keep those twisted bow spawns.

Shouldn't be too hard to run overlapping polls so there's always a chance or at least a couple weeks to make your voice heard though IDK if there'd be engine issues there since it submits a form. IE: Run poll 1 for 2-4 weeks and begin poll 2 halfway in, then begin poll 3 at the end of the period when you pull poll 1 then continue on giving each poll the same amount of time. Ideally this gives extra time and information on how you (jam...

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Hey Zomby, thanks for your two cents on this. Sadly we can't run two or more polls simultaneously due to limitations of the polling system. We always do our best to keep polls open as long as possible (aiming for 5 days like this one will be). Though usually the results from day 1 and day 2 rarely change by day 5.
We also aim to make sure they run over a weekend so that players who don't get on much during the week also have a chance to vote.

Hope this helps!

Originally posted by arvyy

personally I opt out for a "don't train magic after level 44" strategy

You see now, that's genius... this person gets it

Game Improvements Poll Blog

3 days ago - /u/JagexGambit on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by originalbastard

@JagexGambit while these awesome updates are happening can the lunar spell book be revisited? Certain spells, specifically the one that views another players stats, seem outdated.

We're open to suggestions :)

Game Improvements Poll Blog

3 days ago - /u/JagexGambit on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by the_fascist

I have to say, as great as everything here is, I think you guys misunderstood the bank section. I think people wanted to equip and eat directly from their bank as opposed to in the inventory. This might be an engine limitation, in that case, so be it.

HOWEVER, as proposed, it might make normal banking more inconvenient if you were to change the current order of the right click interface. Players have their muscle memory set to deposit-x or deposit-all quickly, you don't want to mess with that.

I suggest either adding the new commands to the very bottom of the interface, OR add a checkbox somewhere, anywhere, that allows you to disable these options.


That's an engine limitation, unfortunately. In place of that, this is the best we have for the time being. We can make the option toggleable so as not to be in the way for those that don't want it.

Trick is to not complete your Kandarin Hard Diaries and you won't make this mistake

Let us know which questions youโ€™d like answered on this weekโ€™s Q&A at 5pm UK time!


External link โ†’

17 Nov

We decided to be nice and allow you to do that random event, which is why you're not instakicked back to Kourend :)

16 Nov

"You can cook things on this."

4 days ago - /u/Mod_Curse on Reddit - Thread - Direct

You clearly tried to cook a raw salmon.. Try a things next time.

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