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It's happening tomorrow! Prepare yourself!

Originally posted by pushka_btw

u/jagexacorn this is absolutely horrifying, disgusting and unacceptable and I will not sleep till this is fixed.

I've spoken to Ash and this was his response: "The developer who wrote GWD seems to have used Aviantese consistently in player-facing text, but 'aviansies' in the code. Slayer unfortunately copies the code version. It's similar to the Dagannoth/Dagganoth or Fremennik/Fremmenik distinctions between player-facing text and the code for a lot of other content. A more interesting debate might be about whether it should be "two bloodveld" of "two bloodvelds"."

And now... I won't be able to sleep thanks all lol!


Originally posted by GeluksAapje

Hi master sween, how many upvotes do i need to become a pmod, il never go rogue :[]


For reals though. This is what Mod Steve W said about the PMod selection process:

Our data science team draw account names from a pre-defined criteria that we supply, this usually include things like game bias, time zone, activity, pillar points, Authentication / Bank PIN equals true and so on. We vary the raw trawl of accounts from time to time to fit our needs, for example we have recently focused on OS game bias from Australian time zones.

Once we have that list we review each account for reports made about it, display name history and linked accounts to identify rule breaking on undesirable behaviour on alternative accounts. We then do some due diligence checks to see if any of the accounts are linked to cheating communities or have any links or concerns in relation to Community Safety issues. Once we have that list we extract any accounts that log in from countries whose Authorities provide public searchable sex offender reco...

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You haven't been muted by a PMod. PMod mutes are temporary and don't last for very long. Your mute was given by us, seemingly in error. I've flagged it to the CS team, and I'll contact you privately.

As for the point about Rogue Mods. We see those videos and reports, and we take action where necessary. We routinely monitor account ownership of Mods, as well as other security features being used to try to ensure that the accounts can't be misused.

We'll be live on twitch.tv/oldschoolrs tomorrow from 5pm BST!

Submit your questions or topics of discussion you want to hear us talk about in the comments below and I'll do my best to get them on the stream.

You can also submit your questions privately here: osrs.game/Questions.

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06 Jul

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Originally posted by Captain_Loosearrow

Ok, but seriously one of the best albums ever released around that time.

Agreed, still my fav album to this day

03 Jul

Hey there! We are aware that it is blocking certain sentences. Unfortunately in order to change the filter it will require a game reboot. This means any changes will likely happen on game update days. Sorry for the inconvenience for a couple of days but I hope this reply “put a smile on your face”. Okay I’ll see myself out now.

Pretty good thanks for asking :)

Originally posted by trowayjim

Can you still make arrows, battlestaves, and any other craftable weapons on the surface of the island or will you get kicked off?

You will be able to make other craftable weapons such as arrows and battlestaves without being kicked off :)

This is being hotfixed now. Thanks for letting us know! I'll edit my message once it's fixed :)

Edit: This is related to fletching darts on the island and then getting hoofed off rather than the d'hide set itself. Spoke to the player in game and the developers. Going to make it so we can allow players to fletch darts for that specific clue step. Thanks again!

Edit 2: You can now fletch darts on the surface of Entrana for the clue step.

02 Jul

Originally posted by Holidayrush

Is there anything that can be done about the final trap on the Floor 4 North path? every other obstacle you can either choose to do it slower and risk running out of time at the end or you can learn a specific pattern to get through the obstacle 99% of the time. But this one is entirely dependent on being able to dodge the arrows quickly enough to beat the sword/get to the teleporters to jump the sword. Every other obstacle has a good difficulty curve from beginning to end but this one obstacle is impossible without sheer luck since it's the only obstacle that needs significantly higher reflexes than the others. I really don't want to feel forced to get RuneLite just for the plugin that lets me see 5-6 tiles farther to essentially cheat my way through it.

I agree the difficulty spikes for this trap but that was intentional that they spike for both paths (I agree this one has a unique mechanic making it harder rather than just the arrows faster or more teleports active).

You can complete the trap by leaving as soon as it's thrown or as soon as it returns so there are 2 ways to beat it and I was able to beat it very consistently in internal testing before release and that was using the vanilla client so it is very possible.

Honestly I'm not sure entirely what you would want me to do about it to make it easier apart from perhaps having the sword idle for longer? Even then the timing I feel like is already rather generous to dodge even bad arrow patterns

Originally posted by sd5seandewar

Hunleff can summon tornadoes now before the first ~6 attacks after entering the boss room. This previously wasn't possible. Is this intended?

Personally, I don't mind this change much, but it's not mentioned anywhere.

I've sent the query to the developer and they are looking into it now. I'll edit this reply when I have more information - thanks for letting us know!

Edit: This should now not be possible. Let us know if you run into anything else.

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