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01 Mar


We'll be live on Thursday with our weekly Q&A livestream.

We'd love to hear any questions you have for the team so feel free to submit any queries below.

Join us at 5:00pm GMT (UK time). We look forward to seeing you there!

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28 Feb

26 Feb


Excited for the Equipment Rebalancing changes yet?


Welcome to Gielinor :)

Take your time, explore both games and decide for yourself! They're very different in how they play but both are great games when you get into them.


Originally posted by tse1kk

But why haven't you got the power to ban them tho?

Because I don't work in Player Support, Content Developers aren't typically responsible for moderation in the game so they have no need to have access to those systems.


Originally posted by Mod_Archie

lol thanks for making me somewhat relevant again

Head of community engagement, huh? Always relevant


lol thanks for making me somewhat relevant again


Originally posted by abyssswolf1

What are those rank insignias, i can't even tell what they are?

They're just placeholder graphics at the moment, I believe Mod Ash put them together in paint :D


Originally posted by abyssswolf1

How many players can be in a single clan?

500 is the cap at the moment :)


Originally posted by [deleted]


This ban has been reviewed individually by a member of staff and confirmed as correct, unfortunately mate. I can't justify asking the team to review these types of issues if I'm going to have cases where they've come back as correct reports and not to do with Steam. I kindly ask that you guys please only tag me if your issue is related to Steam - there is an appeals process for bans otherwise. If it's unappealable this is usually because we are 100% sure that TOS has been broken and in this case, it was apparently.


I may or may not have teleported a few bots advertising bad websites there yesterday for a bit of fun (after muting them) since I don't have the power to ban them.

FWIW they can just home teleport out of there but I guess they weren't programmed to

25 Feb


Coming to a weekly Q&A near you soon!

Seriously amazing work as always. Love your style!


Originally posted by Raznek

This is off topic but I figured I would ask one of the most poggers mods. Before Trailblazers released, a different Jmod confirmed the music track from the trailer would hit Spotify, could you possibly ask around about that? If it's a pain to check then no worries! But it was a banger for sure.

Sure thing, I'll ask in the morning!

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
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