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We'll be live tomorrow, with our weekly Q&A live stream!

The J-Mods will be on to discuss this week's release of new Steam Client features!

We'd love to hear any questions you have about this week's update, so feel free to submit any queries below.

Join us at 17:00 BST (UK time). We look forward to seeing you there!

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Originally posted by JagexSarnie

Thanks for raising it! The team are currently aware and investigating.

This issue has now been fixed. Make sure to open the Combat Achievements Log for it to register correctly. 😊


Originally posted by Optimus_TC

Apologies if I've missed it - But when can we expect to see the client features added to mobile? With a growing family I find myself using the mobile client more and more so am very excited by this!

There's no confirmed date as of yet, but the team are working hard to get these features on mobile too!


Originally posted by Haroic

Some boss KCs changed for combat achievements but the ones that I should have now completed due to lowering the threshold are showing as incomplete. Anyone else have this issue?

Thanks for raising it! The team are currently aware and investigating.


Originally posted by xeusdo

Can you add an option to toggle anti aliasing for the tile renders and stuff? It just looks pretty weird with the jagged lines, as compared to runelite

It's something we've been discussing yes. Not quite here for this release of features unfortunately! Didn't want to hold back the tile highlighting just for that aspect though.


Originally posted by GamblingAddictOPTS

runelite, half the icons are missing and some I cannot get to without f keys

With some of the changes we've made to the official client, the interfaces on RuneLite will be buggy for a bit. The team at RuneLite will fix it as soon as they can.


Originally posted by t-w-b-

Same has happened to me with Bryophyta. Hasn't happened to the regular gauntlet though.

I have submitted a bug report in game.

We're looking into this now - thanks for raising!


Can you confirm what client you are on?


Originally posted by marquant

New YouTube series: Playing OSRS without a minimap!

Quick someone jump on this!


What client are you using?


Originally posted by JerryRigger66

Ah, that's a bummer.

ETA: Would it ever be a potential update to have multiple in-game accounts linked to the Steam account, perhaps with a client "lobby" to choose which to log-in to?

I think this is a Steam related thing, so not really something we can do on our end? But we'll bring the suggestion up to the team!


Originally posted by wastecadet

It would be smart to have a link to the nerch store when talking about nerch, because now my impulse to buy has gone

Aw man, looks like we forgot to add it in but we'll do so now. Thanks for raising it!


Originally posted by JerryRigger66

Are we able to log into different accounts on the Steam client yet, or do you have to go through the tedious unlinking-linking stuff if we want to play on multiple accounts (eg a main or an ironman)? I'm not switching to the Steam client until this available, and it wasn't at launch. Really like the client updates though, keep up the good work!

Unfortunately, you'll still have to unlink and re-link if you want to play through multiple accounts.


Originally posted by fred1674

why is the normal gauntlet requirement going up? Can they be combined? No one who can do corrupt wants to do the normal one.

Hey there! They do, this is from last week's newspost:

"Corrupted Gauntlet completions count for Regular Gauntlet KC tasks. Similar to how Phosani KC counts towards the Nightmare tasks."