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Latest Patch NotesChristmas Event 2018 (7 months ago)

The first part is not correct: the question is, "if question 1 passes, should we add Ring Imbues to Warding? This will be an alternative way of imbuing rings to what NMZ offers."

We wouldn't remove imbues, Warding would be an additional method of imbuing.

The second part is subjective, and I don't think that's correct either.

We don't reset accounts in Old School, ever. I'd say it's extremely likely you're logging into the wrong account. Give this support page a go: https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/206811825-Forgotten-login

Originally posted by Shatterzzz

Hey mod steven I sent the report to a [email protected] but I will send you the in game info. I haven't seen him on in the past few days so it worrisome.

OK thanks for the good intent, that email address is for the Police to contact us, to put your mind at rest we have already dealt with this though. For future reference you can report incidents in game to flag it to us, or if you feel there is a very real and imminent danger then obviously just phone your local Police (who in turn can contact us 24/7 if they need to).

Last man standing

about 2 hours ago - /u/JagexSween on Reddit - Thread - Direct

They sure are, they're listed as "LMS Beta" worlds.

Suggestion for warding

about 3 hours ago - /u/JagexSween on Reddit - Thread - Direct

We'd love to, but unfortunately we can't commit to developing so much content that might not make it into the game. It's why we can't do the same things for other large offerings (like grandmaster quests or bosses).

If it does pass the poll then we will be delivering betas, and we'd only release once JMods and players are aligned in thinking that it's ready.

RuneFest 2019 - Theme Reveal!

about 4 hours ago - Old School RuneScape on Youtube - Thread - Direct

When is the Warding poll live?

about 6 hours ago - /u/JagexSween on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Happiikhat

Do either of you know how long it will be active for (how long we will have to get our votes in)?

The poll will close on Wednesday 24th

When is the Warding poll live?

about 6 hours ago - /u/JagexSween on Reddit - Thread - Direct

It'll be later this afternoon (UK time)

Warding question

about 7 hours ago - /u/JagexSween on Reddit - Thread - Direct

It'd be released only when it's ready. We said we'd do multiple betas if we need to. I'd argue that getting a skill right is far more important than any other new piece of content, and it shouldn't be (and wouldn't be) rushed.

Originally posted by Fuller4

Let me say firstly. I apologize for the insult. I care a lot about the state of the game as do many players, we simply disagree on what would be best for the game in quality and longevity. There is nothing wrong with your work specifically at Jagex. It's more that Jagex has been dropping the ball with these skill releases.

The issue I took with the previous post is you were assigning false positions to /u/99_herblore_crafting hastily, which I am also guilty of as I said you believe your skill is perfect.

I don't want to get into what reasons are and are not valid (if i am reading you correctly with your defined requirements for skills). It's not the point.

Rather than continue that, I will bring up the main point which is the approach for Skilling suggestions have been shots in the dark. I'm not against skilling updates as a whole or saying that the skill should have been dropped without polling (which again you assign ...

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Apology accepted and sorry if I assumed your position incorrectly before. You must have little faith in us as a development team, otherwise you wouldn’t claim that our handling of this and previous skill pitches was “dropping the ball”. You’re right, we’re not perfect, but no one is.

This isn’t a complete shot in the dark though, as you claim. We’ve had a back and forth with the community over the past couple of months, changing elements as we get feedback. Claiming we haven’t done that is disingenuous.

You keep claiming to know the support numbers for Warding even though we’ve not polled it yet but refute that you are. I don’t know how to respond to that, as the argument “you’ve not done a good enough job pitching the skill” only works if the skill fails its poll. It might, but until then we won’t know whether or not we’ve done a bad job.

Ultimately, I’m sorry you’re not a fan of the proposed skill.

Originally posted by 99_Herblore_Crafting

I intentionally didn't include the beginning of the final sentence in my clipped quote (or the word minigame at all in my post), because, yes, Warding is not a minigame.
I was pointing out how using the three proposed skills for sailing integration - Crafting, Construction, and Smithing - COULD point to three proposed skills - Crafting, Runecrafting, Fletching (or some combination of these or other skills) - working for Warding integration.

I didn't specify how long has gone into the skill - simply pointed out that when you said, "I would’ve put just as much effort into Sailing as I have done for Warding" insinuates that you have spent a fair amount of time on the warding skill already. To accuse me of saying I knew the exacts is rather rude considering my actual words were, "loads of mod&dev time"... that's pretty vague, not a claim. Please illuminate me as to how much time has gone into it!

Re-read my rhetoric: where did I claim to be the community? I s...

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I’ve seen the arguments that Warding could easily be shared among other skills and that it doesn’t stand alone well enough. Personally I disagree with the idea, which you’ve pointed out is odd as I also believe something similar could be done with Sailing. That’s because I believe sailing functions more like a minigame and not a skill, while Warding I feel shares more similarities with other skills than a minigame. That’s what I was trying to get at, I’m sorry for not being clearer.

I didn’t say I’ve spent a lot of time, I said I’d put in as much effort. You said time and you assumed it was loads but to know that you’d need to know the amount of time - I’m sorry if I offended you. Honestly, a fair amount of the work I did at home in my spare time. I’m very lucky that I got to turn my hobby into my job, but it does mean I get to do a lot of work at home. The wider team have also put time into, of course, but we’re certainly not walking away from this with nothing if it fails...

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Originally posted by RedditModsAreShit

Could you imagine instead of just fucking floating on down to Zeah on a mysterious old mans boat we discover that mother fucker on our own boats like some god damn hardcore adventurers? We crash on the island, only meet the lizard savages, fight our way to civilization through ancient ruins of a dead civilization.

What do we get instead?

"I can craft better now! but it's for magic robes!"

People wonder why there's such a strong disconnect with warding.

That would’ve been great! But sailing failed its poll.

Originally posted by Fuller4

Hint, West is the pea-brained mod that haphazardly designed Warding knowing that there is already magic equipment made with Runecrafting and Magic and doesn't work with other parts of the game (his words about Sailing).

I doubt he even looked back on Aristan and Sailing to see what was wrong with Jagex's unraveling as skills to the community. Jagex have made a lot of errors with their Skill pitches in the past and continue to make the same mistakes with Warding. And it looks like West will blame those naughty, ignorant players for not voting in his perfect skill, instead of actually looking at their approach in design and implementation.

Instead of maturely communicating with his playerbase, he will assign positions to the other side and attack those instead of valid concerns brought up. Just because I think Warding doesn't fit as it own unique skill mean that Melee skills should be retconned into one skill. Or that criticizing his interactions with players mean th...

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You speak of acting maturely yet you started your post with an insult. I welcome all criticism and read through it all - I want this to have the best chance it can and that’s only possible by listening to the community.

You may say that a lot of players don’t want the skill, yourself I presume are within that group (sorry if I’m misjudging you), and that if we were to have truly listened, we would have dropped it already and moved on without polling. When have we ever done that? How is that fair to those who do want it?

I’m not saying the skill is flawless, otherwise it would have unanimous support and that I don’t believe is possible. Hell, people even voted no to the world map update - what possible reason could someone say no to that? I’m genuinely curious!

Regardless, you’ve already come to the assumption that it will fail the poll, which is fair enough. I personally can’t predict the future but I certainly won’t blame anyone if it fails, like you’re ac...

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Originally posted by 99_Herblore_Crafting

“It could lean quite heavily on existing production skills (Crafting, Runecrafting, Fletching) making them a little more useful and worth training up.”

Sounds like you just solved warding - add the Mage gear the community (NOT the company) wants in a way that fills the gap, meshes with existing skills, and futhers the purpose of underused skills.

Or, continue with the “shot in the dark” method of pouring loads of mod&dev time into creating a skill and surrounding content that... may never see the light of day. What a waste of time and effort if it is polled against!

Warding isn’t a minigame. But you’re correct, skills could be condensed somewhat. Smithing is basically crafting, as is fletching. Runecraft is basically magic with extra steps. Attack and strength? That could be a single skill, much like ranged and magic are etc.

Claiming that you are the community and that it’s not filled with a wide range of opinions just harms your argument. Let the (super-majority) democratic process play out and then feel smug if you were right or annoyed if you were wrong, as is the way.

Also, you’ve no idea how much time has gone into Warding and claiming you do is kinda strange, especially to the guy who knows exactly what has gone into it.

Originally posted by Sinterklaas_Jager

Having it as a minigame would be great aswel ofcourse, but does adding it as a minigame not run the risk of sailing having very little progression? If it only requires already existing skills doesn't it make lower level content pointless?

Progression could be based on your ship and upgrading it would require blueprints found about the various islands that could be navigated to. Personally, I think making it a skill limits it more as it’s very vague on what would exactly give XP. Would it be like agility where you do laps of the sea or would it be from making the boats? Big chunks from discovering islands, like dungeoneering? That always felt a little strange to me.

Originally posted by Tom-Pendragon

add sailing as a minigame

What is this suddenly feeling of 1 year time gated content to which you have to do to get the best in slot cape...?

It wouldn’t be like player owned ports, but I did quite enjoy that. But then OSRS came out so I never truly got that far into it.

Originally posted by methaferus

I always thought of sailing as a skill but I think it would be more fun as a minigame. Maybe it could be like legend of zelda: the windwaker where you can freely sail to different islands and find items, treasures, ect. Maybe have a big focus on the exploration itself. I'd be all over that shit

That’s the crux of the problem though :( when Sailing is mentioned, thoughts of windwaker and black flag come to mind, but OSRS will never replicate the fluidity and control those games do. Although I do agree the focus of it should be exploration which is why making the ship should be done with existing skills.

Then there’s making it work with the other parts of the game and explaining why charter ships exist... or when getting hold of a ship for dragon slayer may seem a little confusing if you’re already a renowned swashbuckling Corsair of the Gielinorian seas.

Originally posted by Weouthere117

This seems to be the real reason sailing failed. They seemed to have picked a folder from 2006 with the overall idea of sailing and just show that. Didnt seem like they fine tuned it as much as warding. Shame, because sailing wouldve been really really cool. Tons of potential for great quests and other fun shit.

I would’ve put just as much effort into Sailing as I have done for Warding if I was there at the time. I would’ve even worked on a second sailing pitch, but players seem a bit annoyed when we try forcing things through the polls, which re-polling often feels like. Hell, we’re being accused of forcing Warding and we’ve yet to poll it :/

Once Warding is done (pass or fail) I’ll reconsider the re-pitching of sailing, but I’m very against the concept of it being a skill and would much rather it be added as a minigame. Also, worth mentioning, but as an artist I’m genuinely scared of Sailing... have you seen the water texture? The games render distance is also incredibly small and until our own client can improve that, I can’t see sailing looking as good as people would expect it to.

Also, as a minigame, it could lean quite heavily on existing production skills (Crafting, construction & smithing) making them a little more useful and worth training up.

Originally posted by Telepath1

Just curious, what is the purpose?

The person coding it was probably bored.

Edit: Ash confirmed that it was indeed because he was bored.

Originally posted by iamcherry

I think that a lot of players oversimplify and say stupid things without really putting much thought into them. Personally, I don't care which color schemes artists use when creating content in OSRS, purple is aesthetically pleasing so it should be used. That being said, it seems like there is a lot more purple coming into the game relative to what was coming into the game on RS2. It seemed like the art team from the original development of RS2 tended to use more neutral colors or neutral tones when they chose to use colors (thinking soul wars capes and stealing creation armours) This might be confirmation bias from me reading about purple everywhere on the subreddit, but I don't really recall much purple coming into the game relative to the amount of updates. I don't think using more purple (relatively) is a bad thing, but I think that's why the players perceive a lot more purple coming into the game than there actually is. You may have more insight than me into this, as I was fai...

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Thanks for your insight! That certainly seems like a fair evaluation of the situation - back in the day there weren’t nearly as many purple assets and even fewer purple environments. Perhaps that’s why we gravitate towards the colour as it’s instantly unique due to its underuse in game.

The main reason I chose purple for Warding was because it’s a colour used often in magic (ancient magiks, various spells, enchanted robes etc) and is also the only colour currently not used on the skills tab.

Literally intentional.

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