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Hey Reddit!

Just wanted to say that I've loved reading all of the feedback so far in the main Equipment Rebalance thread but there are lots of smaller points which get drowned out amongst the discussion around the Toxic Blowpipe, the Bow of Faerdhinen and the Amethyst Darts.

To ensure that we address everything when we discuss the feedback next week I'd love it if you guys could give some feedback on this thread regarding some of the following other changes!

Link to the blog here: https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/equipment-rebalance-ranged-meta-proposal?oldschool=1

I posted the same thing on twitter too, you can leave feedback on either one! https://twitter.com/JagexHusky/status/1399074874400907269/photo/1

  • Changing the healer/ranger stats in the Inferno to Compensate for the BP Nerf, should we do it? If we do, should it be all rangers or just the ones at Zuk
  • Crystal Armour, are the stat changes good? What about the set effect re-distribution?
  • Armadyl Crossbow, what do you think of the special attack changes?
  • Should the Armadyl Crossbow special attack not be doubled in PvP?
  • Ranged off-hands getting strength, what do you think? Are there any more offhands you'd want to see included?
  • Are there any concerns with how the ranged off-hands affect other one-handed weapons which aren't crossbows (such as chins)
  • DHCB Strength% nerf to compensate for the off-hand strength bonus, do you agree? Disagree?
  • Shayzien Tier 5 armour changes to be more ranged focused (to offset the BP accuracy loss at Shamans)
  • The fact that we're polling the buffs and not the nerfs.

I likely won't reply to much of this tonight, it's still very much the weekend, but I'll reply to some when I'm available and you can be absolutely sure I'll read everything (just like I have in the other thread)!

Edit: By the way, these are all things already mentioned in the blog! These aren't new points or additional information, for more information please check it out, we cover a lot in there

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