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Good idea! Stealing this for my next ideation :)

...all jokes aside, while I know most of you would rather see new content and it has been 2 hard modes back to back I don't see anything inherently wrong with them and as the blog states, the intention isn't to give you this stuff instead of new content.

Both Phosani and ToB Modes were ideation pitches aimed to address the lack of PvM updates in the short-term that were relatively cheap to develop and were also mostly finished!

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Originally posted by Bentoki

There is absolutely no way to determine whether that's the case given the development cycle, it could also mean that you fellas feel like the PvM community is satered for a while before you go back to ruining f2p some more. What is the new pvm content that this isn't replacing? I feel like you would have to propose that to allow us to judge whether the hard mode stuff isn't replacing it... otherwise... if there is nothing coming... then technically nothing is replacing nothing so you're technically correct

I understand how you feel and there is absolutely no way to validate what I'm saying is correct just as there is no way to validate that what I'm saying is incorrect.

I'd just ask that you take my word on it, it's also written in the blog stating that we plan to announce our plans in the Summer.

If it helps, I playtested both of these a month or so ago during ideation and they were mostly finished, it really is just last minute polish and doing things like creating the rewards. It is taking some dev time for sure but in terms of project size I'd definitely class both of these as small.