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Today I died during the abomination fight while attempting to complete a Taste of Hope. As with all instances, the UIM death mechanic is that your items all drop on the ground outside of the instance for 1 hour. When I died and returned to the instanced area, there was no deathpile there nor anywhere in the meyerditch/burgh de rott area.

I'm super disheartened because I've lost hundreds upon hundreds of hours of progress due to the items lost. Has anyone experienced this same bug before?

Is there a mod on here who would entertain the possibility of a rollback on my account if we can confirm it was a bug?

Or, am I just stupid and misunderstood this boss instance?

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19 days ago - /u/JagexLight - Direct link

I asked our QA team to investigate this as it looked like a bug, but we couldn't find an issue with deathpiles in that location when we checked. I am keen to make sure any bugs/issues are rectified, though. Could you let me know your RSN and we can try to see what happened in your case?