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I haven't played OSRS very much at all since it released, and only played RS3 on/off (mostly off) since 2013. Didn't play the first Leagues because I just haven't been paying much attention to RuneScape in general.

My friend told me about Trailblazer a couple days before it started, and I decided to resubscribe to give it a try. I'm so glad I did, this game mode is a blast! I've clocked more hours on Leagues II over the past < 2 weeks than any other game I've played recently. I actually made in-game friends while fishing for lobsters on Karamja for the first time since actual 2007.

I don't have nearly as much time for games now compared to when I was in middle/high school, so the boosted XP and relics make the grind actually manageable. The tasks are unique, and are making me go to corners of the map that I literally haven't been to since I was a kid. The area unlocks completely shook up the meta, and even though people are figuring out optimal strategies now, for the first week it really felt like everyone was on the same foot. Additionally, I get to experience all the new content that's been added for the first time.

I normally hate appreciation posts like this, but I legitimately haven't had this much fun in a video game in ages, to the point where I'm seriously considering starting another account to experience a different set of areas. It's the perfect storm of nostalgia, new content, fresh meta, and tolerable grinding.

So thanks, Jagex. Whatever you did on this one, you did it right, and I already can't wait for Leagues III.

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Thanks! Here's hoping Leagues III can live up to the hype of Leagues II haha

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have you worked on an update yet that wasn't an absolute banger

forthos dungeon was extremely cool for what it was, hallowed sepulchre is the most fun agility (maybe skilling) method in the game, and leagues II is being almost universally praised, rightfully. god damn man you're on fire, and so is everyone else involved on these projects. it's a good time to play OSRS.

Aw thanks! I definitely don't deserve such high praise myself because it's not just me working on these updates, there's an entire awesome team behind them aswell working with me and together we can make this awesome content :)