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its so harmless. you appear on the mini map. youre an out of place rock pile. players using runelite can see you completely if they turn on the right plugins.

this has been a fun strategy for me in castle wars for years and its not in any way overpowered, its just harmless fun. and they deemed it so important and so unfair that they removed it day one from a 2009 mini game that ran for years with ring of stone and no issues. i guess one of the mods got ganked by some claws and decided it needed to never happen again.

friggin crybabies

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Originally posted by possiblyfrancis

Whoever you are mr crybaby jmod. Just know we don't like you.

There was no crybaby JMod :( We just received a lot of player complaints about it and due to the nature of how Soul Wars works with requiring the cape to show on the minimap correctly to enemy players it seemed very fair to change.

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Originally posted by BaltotheRolf

I would love to know why the team prioritized that over the balance issues that make it unplayable due to it being impossible to win a match? There are way, way more complaints about that vs the ring of stone I'm sure.

Well if you read the latest newspost you'll see we do intend to look at balancing the teams better.

There's a huge difference in resource required to disable a ring from being used compared to creating a new lobby system.

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why did you add a 300 hour pet to this minigame with no poll? neither the dev blog nor poll option mentions anything about a pet from the then titled "lucky dip" loot table, stating that it will only give "a random item" from the soul wars loot table. is this some sort of integrity change?

this minigame is doomed to only ever be grinded and boosted in the most cynical way possible after the initial 2 week period of hype as a result of this.

I wasn't at Jagex when that blog went out but it was definitely mentioned in there that the pet would be available from the lucky dip. We don't typically poll pets individually, or at least I can't recall many examples of where we have.

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