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Edit: Thank you Mod_stevew for clearing things up! It seems that drunkscaping on mobile has its consequences... Well back to the Inferno we go!

I recently got my first Infernal Cape and a week later logged into my account missing a cape. After a quick search I figured Jagex had removed it suspecting the cape wasn't acquired by me.

I filed a customer support ticket regarding my lost infernal max cape and as a result got told that Jagex isn't able to return/remove items due to technical limitations with the game, which clearly isn't true as I've seen and heard of similiar cases.

The least you can do is upvote for visibility and hope for JMod Smackdown.

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22 days ago - /u/Mod_Stevew - Direct link

Hi, we've had a look into this for you - I'm afraid you dropped the cape on 25 June.

If players lose items through things like bugs then we will do all we can to put things right, on an adhoc, case-by-case basis. However item return is a real challenge in OS and I'm afraid we can't help for incidents like this.

We've also had a look at your account security and all seems well, so the drop wasn't some malicious act by a hijacker on a griefing trip.

Given the above, I can confirm 100% that the cape was not removed by us. Seems you had a bad day - we do symapthise but hope you can understand our position, good luck on getting it back.