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I'd recommend reading through the blogposts which explain that.

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In regards to the Dragonbone/Crusher necklaces:

They also now require 80 Prayer to wield instead of 70 and both necklaces' effects are activated immediately.

This is backwards isn't it? They've always required 80 and the proposed change was down to 70?

Thank you for the spot, these numbers have been swapped now :)

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assuming the bonecrusher necklace section is a typo and that it's changed from 80 -> 70 prayer and not the other way around, won't this be ridiculously good for slayer now?

Thanks for noticing the mistake (typo), we've corrected the typo in the Blog now.

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Was the dragon warhammer left out intentionally in the new strength reqs or was it an oversight in the blog?

Dragon Warhammer has been affected by the changes in Warhammer requirements (now requiring strength instead of attack), but the DWH has not seen an increase in Stats. The only warhammers that have seen an increase in strength stats are Bronze, Iron, Steel, Black, Mithril, Adamant, Rune and White Warhammers. Hopefully makes sense? :D

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I think the post has a typo - it says the dragonbone necklace needs 80 prayer instead of 70. I believe it should be the opposite?

Thanks for spotting this, we've changed it now :)

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nice to see Fishing Trawler changes, i may have a go at it later to see how it compares with Tempoross

Let us know how you get on! :) Thank you

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Hi Jagex! Please PLEASE respond to this. Before, you could press ALT + 0 1 5 1 on the numberpad, and it would type an invisible character that allowed you to start a message in lowercase, or to type in all capitals. It's high-effort, and not used for spam, but used for skits, role-playing, and YouTube videos. Could you please re-implement this specific feature as it was before today's update? This update bothers me a lot because I like using the combination for emphasis on specific things

Hey there, this was a request that came in from Player Support as it was being used nefariously and we needed to do something to make the spamming less effective. We hope that this change doesn't impact the community too much - it was being disproportionately used by Spammers so we had to take measures to deal with it.

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" The anti-alting mechanic implemented last week has now been applied to the Abyssal Demons in the Catacombs, Demonic Gorillas, and Warped Jellies. The Catacombs' Abyssal Demons have had their maximum walking range increased slightly too. This will allow people to group more easily between rooms. "

Good to hear the demonics method being noticed and removed, also good to see Jagex putting their foot down on ironman alting in general.

Thank you for the kind feedback. :)

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Can we have some mid/endgame content soon that's not a skilling boss? 2021 for OSRS feels very lacking so far.

We hear you, we've addressed this in our live stream (that our priorities did not give enough consideration to end-game content) and we have tweaked our roadmap to try and accomodate more mid/endgame content. Sorry for the wait, hopefully you'll enjoy what's coming next (TOB Hardmore and Phosani's Nightmare). Poll 75 should also have some good QoL tweaks, too, in the meantime.