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Originally posted by IAmAGermanShepherd

Sarnie no good :(

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Originally posted by Dubadubscrub

Sarnie, I will ask this here as well.

RE: Soul Wars

What's the rationale for all worlds being green portal? This unfortunately takes away the clan v clan "warring" element of Soul Wars which many of us have found enjoyment in over the last week or so.

Fully appreciate the current way it works is not friendly to those without max gear, but it would be a shame to lose the warring side between clans as well.

Could we not have the majority green portal, and one or two worlds with red/blue so we can continue the clan vs clan element?

We will be looking to allow some worlds that have the current Red/Blue portals so you can choose your team and do clan vs clan fights, but there will be no Zeal rewarded for doing so.

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Originally posted by Lord_Top_Hat

Still no update on getting the leagues emote from having the T3 outfit mounted in leagues hall?

From the poll blog: "Relic Hunter Outfit stand: Displays your choice of Relic Hunter Outfits, of any tier. If a Tier 3 Relic Hunter Outfit is displayed, it will allow players to use the Relic Unlock animation from the relevant League through the Emote interface."

So I was going to respond to this in the other post with "That was a nice to have which I didn't have time to do"

But then I looked back and you are right, we did promise it in the blog. I was developing under the assumption that I'd do it if I had time.

Anyway, tangent aside, I've raised it internally and I'll see what the rest of the team thinks. No ETA on it but I'd like to think we could get it done unless I get pushback for some reason

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Hey everyone, just some clarification to the Christmas changes which has been brought up a few times. Everything has been reverted to its original state apart from the cave for sled racing, which will remain.

The newspost has been altered to reflect this:

"Some remnants of the Christmas event near the Goblin Village have been reverted. Keen sledders will be happy to know that the Sled Racing section will still remain accessible via the cave in Goblin Village."

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Originally posted by Hourglass_

I don't know if it's intentional or not, but you don't get "godwars KC" in the instance (The counter in the top right corner)

I heard reports that this was only in the boss rooms? Or are you getting the issue throughout the rest of the instance?

I know we have people looking at the issue currently so hopefully it'll be fixed before long!

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Originally posted by quenox

Do items on the ground in the iron instance have the normal despawn time or the instance despawn time?

Normal despawn time (2 mins)

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Originally posted by Dubadubscrub

Thank you for the quick reply.

I appreciate the reason why you mention no zeal but I would have thought a reduced zeal or a cap, i.e. usual cap is 60/game at the moment, could these not run at a greatly reduced amount? So that those who choose to "war" at Soul Wars clan vs clan can still get the rewards (cape) without having to play solo in a green world.

Of course the "green" world would still be the best option for getting it quicker but it seems a fair offset to balance out the potential for abuse by still rewarding zeal but at a greatly reduced rate.

I don't believe there are any plans to award Zeal in these worlds at the moment, but it would be possible to give a small amount I'm sure. It's something we'll discuss more but we have to remain cautious of players intentionally boosting games, even with reduced Zeal rates.

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Originally posted by [deleted]


In the newspost we talk about how we're changing this next week. Did you get chance to check that part?

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Originally posted by JagexHusky

I heard reports that this was only in the boss rooms? Or are you getting the issue throughout the rest of the instance?

I know we have people looking at the issue currently so hopefully it'll be fixed before long!

Fixed now :)

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Originally posted by TypicalPakeha

Any word on whether or not there was a dupe? Can we expect a statement at some point? I was a bit surprised it wasn't mentioned at all in the update post

The investigation is still ongoing. We'll be sure to update you once it is concluded and any action taken has been enacted, like we did back in December: https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/world-crashes-update?oldschool=1

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Originally posted by Odd_Avocado

Does GG wander around the room when there’s no Ironman in the instance or does he spawn when we enter? It’s nice to know where he is in the room before entering.

Also, will there be a way to talk to other irons who are in the room? “Almost done?” Etc.

Thanks for the update!


  • If there's no one in the instance it will close.
  • When the instance is opened, he will spawn then.
  • If someone else joins an already active instance, it's possible he's "wandering" but more than likely he'll be attacking the person who was there before you.

I hope that helps :)

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Originally posted by Gamer_2k4

You need a bank PIN to get league rewards now? What in the world prompted that?

Given how infrequently league rewards are obtainable it's quite likely that a player will want to save points for the next League if they don't like any of the rewards currently available.

Because of this it would be quite unfortunate if an account was compromised and someone then spent all of someones league points to get rewards to sell.

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Originally posted by sirryangiggz

Don't think the peek option works for Ironman properly. I could see 4 people in normal room, fire was off and Peek said '4 adventurers inside'??? The flame worked but the peek didnt? I thought the peek would only show the relevant room not the non-iron one?

Should be fixed now.

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Originally posted by BioMasterZap

The message which tells you to bring a lockpick, or that you’ve failed to pick a lock on various doors around Ardougne and the deep Wilderness, will no longer be filtered.

At long last. I know I've been running into this for years. It is never good when you interact with an object and you get no feedback and nothing happens. So many times I go to a door and pick the lock a few times, just to need to unfilter my chat to see if I was failing or if it needed a lockpick. Those sorts of messages should have never been filtered, to begin with.

Also, the monkey clue reminder is a godsend for anyone trying to cross that off for comp.

Honestly I didn't know they were a thing until I had to access them regularly in TBL. My first thought was "I was sure I clicked pick-lock" then I investigated and was like no animation, no anything just a filtered message.

So I found the other doors which do the same and moved them from filtered to un-filtered. From what I can tell the filtered messages were just done using search and replace on messages containing "you*" without determining if each individual one needed to be filtered so if there are any more out there, let me know and I'd be happy to fix them!

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Originally posted by KippuNut

Why is the Ironman instance acting like a sort private instance? I was under the impression that it would be like the Corp beast instance where the instance still existed even if you weren't in it. But the way the gwd instance now works, if you die as an ironman your pots and food get deleted instead of staying on the floor for an hour. They also don't appear in your gravestone like other private instances, they just straight up get deleted.

Generally the way that the DKs slayer room and the corp ironman cave are not good implementations. They are copy-pasting the entire map square somewhere else and directing players there instead.

This is an issue if we ever need to make a change to one of them we need to remember to change the other one aswell. That's easier for content such as corp/DKs where it's one map square but for something like godwars where it's 4 map squares across multiple different levels it becomes a nightmare to maintain.

So looking at the options which were available using instance, we could instance the entire dungeon or just the boss rooms. Since every NPC would have to be added manually and every NPCs script would need to be re-coded to work in the instance that was a colossal amount of work for not a lot of gain. The only thing we actually cared about was giving ironman access to fight the bosses whilst only competing with other iron players.

So this has led to the Trailblazer League like approach of having the instance be generated on going through the boss door. This does mean we had to make a few sacrifices with food/supplies being deleted instead of put to the ground and being unable to hop whilst in the room but that felt like a fair compromise given that the trade-off is irons actually being able to do the content without being crashed.

That then goes on to the final point which is: "Why don't you make exceptions so that the food remains?" which is a very valid question. Honestly the answer is we could do it but we'd rather be consistent with how death works and most of the death rework was around doing that. It's starts getting weird when expected behaviour works differently in different circumstances especially since it would rely on player general knowledge to know that rather than us actually documenting it somewhere in-game.

Anyway, hope my little ramble this late at night makes sense. If something I've said hasn't made sense let me know and I can try and explain further or edit my points appropriately.

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Originally posted by corpslayer

Couldn't the death mechanics be reworked such that a death in any instance causes your food to be sent to your gravestone? This keeps it consistent while also fixing it for different (non-GWD) instances. Or if you want it to be more consistent than it is right now, you can make the food drop under the gravestone in all cases, even if you died in an instance. The former option seems best though.
The biggest issue is probably purple sweets. You lose the entire stack on death in an instance.
A change to something about death mechanics is required, since it currently provides some false information. Either change the mechanics or change the description.

Hmm, I'm not actually sure. I didn't work on the death rework project and I can't remember all the decisions which were made either post/pre-release.

I'll definitely enquire about it because I personally can't see a reason why we wouldn't move all your food to the gravestone location if you died in an instance but perhaps there is a bigger reason I am currently unaware of.

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Originally posted by ParadoxOSRS

This is a pretty big nerf to anything except Bandos. Since dying and leaving the remaining supplies was effective in extending trips, especially with looting bag meta similar to those used at Cerberus.

At those 3 bosses it was pretty easy to keep a work after you suicided.

Could the Corp/DKS implementation be revisited, or possible allow irons to use regular chambers too for those other 3 bosses where overcrowding isn't an issue?

I'm sorry but I fail to see why a player might intentionally die to get a longer trip.

As I understand it, it was just that dying was not all that punishing because you could use the supplies dropped when you return to extend the trip?

Generally I suppose the advice would be to not die since that will always generally (to my understanding) be worse overall so I don't see what you mean by "a pretty big nerf".

It's as I said though, we had to make some compromises to do this.

But, I'm not opposed to making all gravestone behaviour be that if you die in an instance your food would go to your gravestone instead of to the floor and then deleted but I'd have to find out if there's a reason it currently doesn't do that first.

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