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Hello, disgusting Isle of Souls-locked ironman here. I spend a lot more time in the Isle of Souls dungeon than most people, and I've noticed that the single runite rock is always busy with bots. Over this last weekend, I saw the same bot camping w320 the entire time. Not only is this runite rock extremely far from a bank which would discourage normal accounts, but it has no prereqs whatsoever besides being able to run past blue dragons.

As far as I know, all other runite rocks are either locked behind a quest/achievement (like a fire cape) or are located in the deep wilderness. I'm not sure why this runite rock needs to exist other than to just feed the bots more free ore.

The peasant snowflake irons on the Isle can get runite ore from Spoils of War anyways so we'd never waste the time mining them either. Remove the runite rock or replace it with another adamant rock.

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Thank you very much for raising this Taclys, and everyone who commented on the discussion. This is worded very constructively and helped us to get to the root of the issue. The team has been made aware of this issue and will investigate further so that we can improve your experience!

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Hey Light, you might not really understand this community just yet, but that's understandable because you're a new jmod. We don't really like corporate nonsense responses like this.

aite well, if you don't appreciate the response the tldr is it'll probably get fixed via a small change on a content level (to bring it closer to how it's described in the poll) which will be in the next game update. :D

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