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I think everyone has experienced it at this point, world randomly standing still for 2 seconds. It's been going on daily for more than a month now with no fix in sight..

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It is being investigated! :)

I don't think the issue is correlated to leagues though, although for some reason those worlds seem to be near immune to those weird lag spikes.

Can sympathize, they're so frustrating!

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Originally posted by Abstainx

Is it true that 2k+ total worlds experience it more frequently? It sure seems that way but could be anecdotal evidence.

I have experienced really bad lag on 2200 worlds too specifically, not as much on 2k worlds, might be anecdotal but I can't honestly remember the time i've been on a 2.2k world and it's been fine, but it's possible i just always steer clear.

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Originally posted by QQTWRBM

Leagues launch, suddenly an unexplainable new lag not witnessed before happens.

Nah, definitely nothing to do with leagues.

I experienced the lag quite a few weeks before leagues launch and I know others did too, but leagues has for sure dominated the month so understandable to think it's correlated.

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Originally posted by Shelfstack17

Why do issues that have been happening for months and months on end still require "investigation"? That is ample enough time for a fix to be carried out.

Between this lag issue and the spam login issue locking people out of accounts thats two long term issues still being "investigated" months later.

I do wish things could be investigated and fixed quickly too! It's frustrating, but it be how it be, all I can promise you is that work IS happening, sorry I can't give you more than that :(

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Originally posted by the_smell_of_bleach

Hey, do you think there could be an update about the status of this issue? A bunch of my clan mates were talking about it in chat the other day, and the gist of the conversation was that you guys aren’t aware of the issues.

Since it obviously seems like you are aware and are investigating, I think it’d go a long way for building trust if you publicly acknowledged the issue and gave an update. (Especially as infrastructure was mentioned as a priority in the latest gazette!)

Progress is slow but we're still at the same point. Sadly the full investigation and work into solving the issue will be done after christmas break is over, the last update of the year is being released next week which also adds a lot of necessary metrics to the game to help us figure out what the issues are.

My gut feeling is that it's a hardware issue since the leagues worlds are on "fresh machines", as there hasn't been any notable updates to the game that should cause what we're seeing.

Sorry I couldn't give anything more helpful :[