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We're delighted to see so many of you enjoying Tempoross! We've been swimming through vast oceans of feedback and the following changes have now been implemented.

  • We’re removing some of the less desirable fish from the reward table entirely, so you are given valuable fish more often.
  • We're reducing the chance to receive some low value items such as nails, feathers and bait, but increasing the stack size when you do receive them.
  • We're increasing the chance to receive all types of fish you can obtain from the reward table.
  • We’re slightly increasing the number of Soaked Pages you can obtain.
  • We're changing the Reward Permit cap on Ultimate Ironmen from 10 to 8,000.

Read more here: https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/fishing-skill-boss-and-easter-event?oldschool=1

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Originally posted by fourgiveness_

Thankyou for outlining what changes occured, please use this format going forward rather than having the player base re-read and guess what changes happened to the blogposts

Thanks for the feedback :) We're looking to try and share it as visibly as possible when a hotfix like this happens :)

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Originally posted by O_Toole50

Why wasnt the hotfixes posted to the osrs website? If u didnt watch the stream or see the reddit thread then you might not even of known it was happening. Not everybody logs in everyday to communicate with players on what is happening on the twitch stream.

It was posted to the OSRS website - it's just included in the most recent game update newspost rather than a separate dedicated post.

Usually we save those for when there are more changes to talk about!

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Originally posted by O_Toole50

Looks like my memory failed me today ! Thanks for the correction

No worries at all :) Have a great weekend <3

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Originally posted by VFT6

Can the fishing barrel be changed to not automatically store stackable fish (karambanji) please :)

This will likely be changed with the next game update we do. Granted it won't be until the 7th April now, but there will be a blog post coming next week to explain all the other minor tweaks we're going to make for that update day :)

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Originally posted by MagicalGirlAleksa

Hope your planning to make the new dark flippers and the wieldable barbarian fishing rod storable

We are! There will be a blog coming next week to cover some of the minor changes that will be coming with the next game update :)

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Originally posted by Hobbsi3

Someone needs to clarify if by banking 8000 reward points there is a special reward

Yeah, you can make a pretty long video about it I guess!

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Originally posted by [deleted]



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