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Just tried killing Sire after the recent update. The respiratory systems were counting towards my slayer task and I got stuck in a glitch where he keeps teleporting me closer to him over and over again and I can't do any damage. What's up with this?

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Could you provide any more information about the issue? What happened just before the glitch?


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Originally posted by Environmental-Apple7

The update. I was killing Sire, then there was an update, then I banked and went back to kill Sire afterwards and the respiratory systems counted towards my task for some reason. I kept trying to kill Sire, I missed both dwh specs so i teleported to house and back via fairy rings, speced again, then was attacking him and for some reason he started teleporting me before walking towards the spot for the second phase. Then I kept attacking him and after every attack he would teleport me again + take no damage + he was still moving.

Have you gone back to sire since then and appear to kill it normally since then? or was it a one off?
When egtting back to the sire after teleporting, was he back in the wall or was he still wandering about?

Asking more questions because it seems unrelated to the changes made in the update but could just be a rare case of an issue that had not been found yet.

I suspect teleporting away and taking a little to come back and resetting the boss would fix the issue.

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Originally posted by Environmental-Apple7

I went back and was able to kill the boss, but the respiratory systems were still counting towards my slayer task.

After banking and going back Sire was in the wall.

Idk what made him invincible the first time, I'm actually not even sure whether I went back to my poh in between to dwh spec again either, that might have been before the update.

I can wait a while and try again though I don't really want to waste my slayer task since it's now 5 kills per sire instead of 1.

Were not seeing the 5 kills instead of one issue at all in testing environments, have you checked to see if thats the actual counter?

Could it be your third party client is updating it too often? Not sure which one youre on.