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ToB Hard Mode: All bosses will have 1.25x increased stats. All bosses and their respective spawns will now have higher max hits; this includes their base attacks and/or any form of projectiles.

Maiden of Sugadinti:

Maiden will spawn waves of Nylocas Matomenos with more HP at 70%, 50%, 30% and 10% health.

At 35% health Maiden will disable all blood spawns, and spawn her brother, the Abomination.

At 20% Maiden will utilise a mobility mechanic and target everyone melee and ranged.

Pestilent Bloat:

Bloat is no longer undead, and will appear in the form of its living counterpart.

Bloat will always change direction more than once per down.

Bloat’s flies will envenom and half prayer per hit.

Nylocas Vasilias:

The Nylocas waves will always be random.

There will be a greater number of Nylocas.

All Nylocas deal AOE explosive damage.

Nylocas Vasilias (boss) will spawn at 30% wave progression.


Sotetseg will spawn orbs of all styles.

Praying incorrectly to an orb will smite the player (drain all prayer to 0).

The player in the shadow realm will now spawn a tornado to chase them after they step onto the first row of tiles.


Xarpus will spawn more exhumed remains.

He has now garnered Maiden’s blood mechanics for his poison attacks;

Poison acts like Verzik's P3 webs; standing on the poison can now cause rapid prayer drain as well as heal Xarpus.

During P2, Xarpus will utilise Verzik’s P2 bounce mechanic. If a player has been scanned in melee distance of Xarpus, they can be stunned and melee’d.

Verzik Vitur:

Phase 1 Magic attack will have a base damage of 99.

Verzik can use its blood magic attack the entire P2.

Getting bounced by Verzik will kill the player.

Nylocas (& Nylocas Athanatos) will spawn every 20% HP.

During P3, Verzik will use the 4 special attacks in a random order.

Purple Tornados will spawn at 80% HP, and can stun & smite the player.

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