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As the title says, I wonder if the Trickster's shield only blocks a flat amount of damage which does not benefit from resistance and armor at all, or of the shield does benefit from res/armour the same way HP does. Couldn't find a clear answer.

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A few relevant answers from our Deepdive into these kind of mechanics.


  • What does Shield protect from?
    • Both types of damage are blocked by the Shield. If the damage is Anomaly based, the damage the shield takes will be based on the Resistance stat calculation explained above. If the damage is Physical based, it will use the Armour value.
  • How does Shield work?
    • The best way to describe how Shield works would be to treat it as an additional health bar, which absorbs all damage first, until it depletes – and only then damage is reduced from the actual health points.
    • Shields should behave exactly like the HP bar, except that they will deteriorate over time. It will also deteriorate faster when out of combat.
    • The max amount of Shield is equal to your max amount of HP. Increasing your HP will also help increase the max amount of available Shield.
  • Important: As Shield gains are always based on percentages, boosting your HP can have a significant impact on your shield values.
  • The Trickster’s Shield has an additional 5% extra damage reduction that reduces final damage taken. This is a unique effect to this Class and no other Class benefits from it.
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Thank you very much, great answer.

So as I understand it the 5% extra damage reduction from having a shield is NOT additive with armour or resistance, but a separate modifier applied after reduction from armour/res.

It's a seperate modifier, but is used in the same step as the Armor / Resistance calculation.

It's an Incoming Damage Modifier and is better than Armor / Resistance as it's not affected by damage category.

It's also immune to increase in Armor Penetration that some enemies have.