16 days ago - Bucky - Direct link
The thread you are referring to was locked by Valve, not us.
If Steam users break the forum rules then Valve employees step in and just shut it down.
Not much we can do there.

The thread that was locked about an hour ago was locked by me because it completely derailed into a political argument claiming China was "the enemy". You are free to discuss these things in a calm and constructive way but if things reach a point where it is just arguing and naming other countries as "the enemy" then naturally, the threads will be locked.

Originally posted by Dae: Personally, I do not believe what a community forum moderator stated on the subject but that's just my take.

Feel free to contact me over Discord or email the company directly and I'll reply back there if it makes you feel more comfortable. Alas, on Steam we all just have "community moderator" perms due to how the Steam forums work.