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Let the Akuma boss music play because we have a secret boss with obscure requirements to hunt down! I hope you are ready for some insane requirements because you are going to get them. Or maybe give up in frustration. One or the other.

General Requirements

This fight is only available in the Stand Alone campaign as far as I can tell. Several relevant etudes are children of the DLC3_Standalone etude and have no counterparts among the DLC3_Integration etudes that I can see.

You have to find the three pieces of the Triforce and they will open up a portal to the Sky Temple where... Sorry wrong game. You need to collect the three runestone and they will open up a portal to the inmost lair of an abandoned warehouse (watch out for Megazords and Kaiju) where you will find Nahydrian Darkness who is ready to mess you up.

Pretty straight forward right? Hahaha, no. Each of the three runestone can only be found on a specific island. Now I know what you are thinking, how they can be on specific islands if the islands are procedurally generated? Well the answer is because they aren't completely procedurally generated.

I don't know specifics of the under the hood stuff, but the relevant part for our purposes is that each terrain type has 3-8 maps. The procedural generation is performed on whatever is in these base maps to generate the final product (by closing off doorways and adding chests?). Some (all?) of these maps have unique features. And to get the runestones, we need to find three of these unique features. Although even that won't necessarily be enough since two of them require additional items that I don't believe you can get on the islands.

There does not appear to be any way to force these maps to appear, so you will need to just keep trying if you want to find them. And the only in game way to identify them is to find their unique features because all of them are labeled as "Treasure Island."

One thing to note is that the final island of an expedition/map will never be one of the target islands. Each expedition has a set island as its final destination, and none of the expeditions have the islands you are looking for as their final island.

Useful Info

So the game breaks maps down into three tiers. As far as I can tell, the tier you are in is determined by the number of islands you have visited. I think this also corresponds to story boss (e.g., you move from Tier 1 to Tier 2 when you beat Star Rattler), but I have not counted to make sure of this. The tiers in the code are:

  • Tier 1 = -1 to 24 islands
  • Tier 2 = 25 to 44 islands
  • Tier 3 = 45 to 69 islands

There technically is a Tier 4 listed from 46 to 90. Due to its overlap with Tier 3, I am uncertain if Tier 4 is ever actually used or is carry over Kingmaker. However for purposes of this guide, it appears to be basically identical to Tier 3 as I have not come across any islands that are Tier 4 exclusive. Every island included in Tier 1 is included in Tier 2. Likewise every island in Tier 2 is in Tier 3.

To give you an idea of what kind of odds you are looking at, there are 47 islands listed in DungeonRoot. By my count there are 70 islands labelled as being Tier 3/4, but I think 47 is the relevant number as I think some of the islands are just unused for whatever reason while others are limited to being the final island for particular expeditions. So in summary when looking for a specific island, you have about a 2% chance of finding it every time you land once you are in the tier 3 segment of maps.

Regarding progress between characters on a single save file, as far as I can tell, the majority of the progress is tracked by etudes. And etudes appear to be persistent between runs on a save. So if you open the initial portal with a character, it should remain open with all subsequent characters on that save. I believe the exceptions are items in your inventory when a character is retired and perception checks.

The Skeletal Salesman returns in the DLC and he is important to know about. He carries an item that is required for one/two of the runestones (discussed in the relevant runestone sections) and he also can sell runestones. In order for him to sell runestones, you must have found the corresponding runestone, not have it in your inventory, and not have placed it in its final resting place. The trigger for buying runestones should persist between runs, so you can recover progress if you die with a runestone in your inventory. From what I can tell you encounters with him are listed as rewards for Tier 1, Maps 2, 3, and 4; Tier 2, Maps 1, 3, and 4; Tier 3, Maps 1, 2, 3, and 4; and the Final Boss map.

I don't know if this is helpful or not, but all three of the islands with runestones on them add Raging Undertow to the list of available undertows. However that undertow is also on the generic list of undertows in DungeonRoot, so I don't know if that helps in making them identifiable or not.

One final note is that you do have to pass perception checks to find the runestones after you have spawned them. The DCs are low (I think I saw 22), but do try to have at least one person trained in perception to make sure you don't waste an opportunity.

First Things First

Before you do anything else, you first have to activate the areas that they can found in. You do this by inserting the Golden Holy Symbol of Lamashtu into a hole in the wall at the port.

So how do you find the Golden Holy Symbol of Lamashtu? Well there is a side quest in the DLC for beating up some Besmar pirates. Completing this quest will give you a treasure chest on the ship that gives you some random magic gear when starting a new run. This chest has a 20% chance of giving you the holy symbol on every new character.

Random side note, when the DLC first released, you could only pick up a single Holy Symbol per save and if you didn't use it after picking it up you were unable to ever get it again on that save. This was fixed some time between 1.4.2 and 1.4.3.

Now in addition to finding the holy symbol, you also have to find the hole in the wall. The hole can be found in port next to the writings on a wall that have an associated religion check (religion check gives you a clue to the item you need, but is unnecessary). However you need to pass a perception check (I think it is 35 without any difficulty modifiers) in order for the hole to appear.

Hole in the Wall

Once you have inserted the holy symbol into the hole, a portal will open up. However this is not our final destination. Rather it takes you to an abandoned warehouse where you can place the runestones to open up another portal! While this might seem like barely any progress, it is important to do because the relevant scripts that spawn the runestones we are looking for won't activate if this portal has not been opened.

So now you can finally start the fun(?) journey of hunting down the runestones!

The First Runestone, the Mysterious Melted Runestone

The first location we are looking for is the following feature on a "sand" island (Tier 3 only):

Obelisk/Monolith/Acid Bomb

To get the first runestone, you need to destroy Obelisk the Tormentor and his infinite atta... sorry wrong game. You need to destroy an obelisk that is tormenting you by how infinitely hard it is find. Well at least the game files refer to it as an obelisk. The "unit" is labelled as an acid bomb and the examination text refers to it as a monolith.

The trigger for destroying it is either Damage to Map Object or Spell Cast (near the Obelisk). The damage trigger checks specifically for acid damage. The spells on the list of acceptable spells for the spell cast trigger are Acid Spray, Caustic Eruption, Acid Fog, Acid Bomb, and about a dozen variants of Black/Green Dragon Breath.

So basically just hit it with acid anyway you can. The Obelisk does have construct properties such as 30 hardness, but if you are using spells, I don't think that should really matter?

When the Obelisk is destroyed, it will explode into acidy death dealing 100 acid damage to everyone in 20 feet of it, 32 Reflex for half.

Once it has exploded, you can collect your prize.

The Second Runestone, the Mysterious Scorched Runestone

Before getting the second runestone, you will need a Small Sextant. You can get one from the Skeletal Salesman. Details regarding him can be found under the Useful Info section.

Now once you have the sextant, you need to find the following feature on a "lava" island (Tier 2 and above):

Corrupted Altar

Once you get to this area, the process is fairly simple, you just need to place the Small Sextant on the Corrupted Altar. Then cast Flamestrike in its vicinity and you will cleanse the altar and enable you to get the runestone. Unlike the other two, there are no alternatives to using Flamestrike, so make sure you have some way to cast it.

The Third Runestone, the Mysterious Dented Runestone

Before, we hunt down the last runestone (although you really should be hunting for all of them simultaneously since there is no way to target a specific one), you need to do prep work again. And this prep work is a lot worse than the prep work for the Second Runestone. What you are going to need is Crystallized Wild Magic Fluids.

First Method

So first you need to find yourself an island with a Wild Magic Undertow. Then you need to cast magic, probably a lot of it, and trigger the wild magic effect as much as possible. Your goal is to trigger a specific wild magic effect, Summon Deathsnatcher. This will summon a CR 19 monster that wants to kill you, potentially while you are short on spells from trying to summon it. Kill it and it will drop Crystallized Wild Magic Fluids. It is important to note that there are 102 possible wild magic effects. Therefore, you have slightly less than a 1% chance of getting it every time wild magic is triggered.

Second Method

Buy it from the Skeletal Salesman. He will only stock it if you have found the First Runestone and the Second Runestone but not the Third Runestone. This method is technically easier, but it might take longer as you could encounter the island for the Third Runestone before finding the first two.

Back to the Action

Now that we have the fluids, we go forth to the final feature on a "tech" island (Tiers 2 and above):

Mysterious Machine

Once you find it, put the fluids into the Mysterious Machine.

Mysterious Machine after inserting the fluids

Once the fluids are in place, you need to damage the machine with lightning damage or cast Lightning Bolts, Chain Lightning, Storm Bolts, or one of the Call (Lightning) spells near the machine. As with the Obelisk, this will cause a 20 ft AOE for 100 damage, save for half. Only this time it will be electricity instead of acid.

Okay What Next?

Now you go and place the three runestones in their appropriate altars in the abandoned warehouse, if you weren't doing that while collecting them, and get ready to fight the Nahydrian Darkness. Have fun with him because skimming his stats, he looks to be more powerful than Inevitable Darkness (e.g., 10 monster mythic levels vs 0)

If you worship Lamashtu then he will not be immediately hostile. To fight him as a Lamashtu worshipper, you need to talk to him twice (first time he gives a warning). I believe that you can ransack his place for all the goodies while he is non-hostile, but you went through all that effort for the secret boss fight, not some random loot!


Umm... he has a piece of chocolate in his starting inventory? XD

In addition to the chocolate he has the following equipped and lootable:

  • Robe of Consciousness
  • On the Brink of Death
  • Flawless Belt of Physical Perfection +8
  • Flawless Headband of Mental Perfection +8
  • Goggles of Mind Control
  • Boots of Free Rein
  • Flawless Cloak of Resistance +7
  • Flawless Bracers of Armor +9
  • Flawless Ring of Protection +7
  • Ring of Evasion
  • Amulet of Mighty Fists +5
  • Star Embroidered Gloves

Checking the rest of his lair will net you some more loot. When I was checking his lair, I found the following notable items:

  • 500 Diamond Dust
  • 10 Dinosaur Bones
  • 1 Diamond
  • 1 copy of each of the 6 stat boosting books (2 for Int and Wis)
  • 16 Demon Blood (not sure if these are actually usable in the stand alone mode?)
  • 1 Elixer of Inconceivable... (stat boost for all 6 stats)
  • 4 Vile Ichors of Stinging Tentacles
  • 3 Vile Ichors of Enormous Bones
  • 2 Vile Ichors of Dark Rebirth
  • 2 Vile Ichors of Caustic Mucus

There are etudes for beating him on different difficulty levels like Inevitable Darkness, but these are not imported into the main game and do not appear to unlock any bonuses in stand alone mode. As I'm 99% sure he is the strongest thing in the game, fighting him is just a means of having fun... or self torture. Whichever you feel is the more accurate description.

You'll also find another Golden Holy Symbol of Lamashtu. Put this in the altar next to where you entered to open a portal that lets you leave.

Note for the Achievement: Despite the achievement not mentioning difficulty, it is only rewarded if you kill it on core or above.

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