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Can we expect any major patches before then? Thinking of starting a new run soon but want to hold off if a big patch might hit soon.

There should be, yes. Don't think there's content-related stuff though, at least in the closest one. Mostly bugfixes, optimization etc.

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he's supposed to be a romanceable companion, does that mean his content is inserted into the main game and not standalone? i'm guessing you find his area in act 2. excited for it.

Correct, he's in the main game along with the other companions :)

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Is the thicc ginger guy the new companion because uh 💦💦 lmao

Yup, name's Ulbrig!

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I know this won't be this release date, but u/OwlcatStarrok, any knowledge of when this (if) comes to Console?

Same date, if all goes well :)

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I'm sorry for being basic but this gay man is excited lmao a ginger burly dude that is bi and romanceable? 👌👌

Yup, bi and romanceable :)

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Damn, Owlcat robbed us of a barbarian GF for 2 games in a row now xD

Look at this from a positive side: you've got another bro!

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Any chances to expect an coop dlc like in solasta?

A coop mode would require budget worth of a whole Season Pass or even more. It's quite unlikely to happen.