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In this announcement they mentioned the following:

So that you still have some interesting Path of Exile stuff to play over the Christmas/New Year break, we're planning to run at least one multi-week event (for example, Flashback). We'll confirm details of these event(s) once we have put together a plan.

I know it's only been 10 days since that was announced, but I'm really excited for it!

For those of you that began playing PoE back in Legion or later, this will be the first event being held since May to June of 2019 and it feels like it's been forever (it has been). Since that time we have had: Legion, Blight, Metamorph, Delirium, Harvest and Heist leagues with no events between them. They used to run these event leagues during the last month of a league and I absolutely loved them. Here's some of the longer duration event leagues that occurred back in 2018/2019:

Flashback League

  • The Flashback Event will have three random mods from popular past leagues activated at once. The collection of mods will persist in that area for one hour and the collection of mods will vary from area to area. After an hour has passed the mods will randomise for each area again.
  • You will be able to get the following quantities of these modes in any where they are present: 2 x additional Rogue Exiles, 2 x additional Invasion Bosses,1 x additional Breach, 2 x additional Strongboxes, 3 x Tormented Spirits, 2 x additional Perandus Chests and a 33% chance to spawn Cadiro, Beyond, 3 x additional Rare Monster Packs with Nemesis Mods, 3 x additional Magic Monster Packs with Bloodlines, 1 additional Abyss, 2 x additional Harbingers
  • This was a non-void event, meaning your character would migrate to parent leagues at the end of the event.

Mayhem League

  • In Mayhem, areas are inhabited by one of the following mods: 20 x Rogue Exiles, 20 x Tormented Spirits, 20 x Invaders, 20 x Strongboxes or 10 x Breaches. These mods are the same for all players and rotate once per hour.
  • This was a void event, meaning your character would not migrate to parent leagues at the end of the event.

Turmoil League

  • In Turmoil, each area other than towns and the Twilight Strand will contain dangerous inhabitants of one out of 9 different types: Rogue Exiles, Tormented Spirits, Invaders, Strongboxes, Breaches, Perandus Chests, a 20% chance to spawn Beyond demons, Nemesis with 5 additional Rare monster packs and Bloodlines with 6 additional Magic monster packs. These mods are the same for all players and rotate once per hour.
  • This was a non-void event, meaning your character would migrate to parent leagues at the end of the event.

I felt like each of these events really spiced zones up and made the areas feel significantly more populated. Mayhem in particular was a bit nightmarish early on because you could run into multiple rogue exiles in the first couple of zones at the same time and it would feel particularly challenging.

There were other leagues before 2018 as well that were significantly smaller timeframes:

Cutthroat and Grief

  • Allowed you to select other players instances and attack/kill them; Cutthroat allowed you to take their loot, Grief did not (if memory serves correctly)


  • You kill a rare mob and you gain all of its mods for 20 seconds.

I never got to participate in this one due to constantly conflicting timeframes but I do recall watching streamers and youtuber videos on it and it looked like a lot of fun.


  • Blood Magic passive was allocated (consume life instead of mana)
  • Lethal monsters existed (+50% damage and 50% of their physical damage is added as cold, fire and lightning)
  • Ancestral (zones were populated with totems)
  • Multiple Projects (monsters have four additional projectiles for projectile-based attacks
  • Turbo (monsters run attack and cast 60% faster

There were many many others over the years, so I apologize for those that I left out. If you are interested in seeing what the older races/events looked like, check out this page.

For me, I would like another Mayhem event personally. I don't really care if it's a void league, I just want to experience utter chaos once again. What would you like to see?

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I hope to be able to announce the announcement soon. We are currently checking feasibility of our plans and will lock in the events and dates as soon as we’re sure.