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So, I am not a bandwagon person. I don't jump into the conga line of bashing GGG for any little thing that goes wrong. Was Heist Buggy and mostly unplayable during its release? Absolutely. But we did not need to flood the forums every day with complaints about it. GGG acknowledged these issues and let us know that they were working on fixing them.

Bex then introduced a GGG Representative position specifically for the community, u/Community_Team. I am sure Bex and Natalia have gone over their expectations of what that account is supposed to be. However, I feel like the community also needs to address this position, and have them understand where we come from, as long as it is in a calm, concise manner.

With GGG being so busy with developing things, some things get tossed to the wayside and people don't realize things are going wrong. Or even if they do, the fact that we don't know things are being fixed leads to anxiety and uneasiness. Posts get buried quickly and I feel that just a simple acknowledgement would be an incredible weight off of our shoulders. How about an example?


This is the official GGG Forums for Bug Reports. At the top of this forum is a pinned thread with Known Issues in it. This post is edited to show what they are working on. This is to prevent people from posting the same bug(s) over and over as well as to help alleviate anxiety and such.

Did you know that this post has not been updated in almost a month? "Last edited by Jatin_GGG on Dec 14, 2020, 9:58:09 PM"

In fact, the only GGG Staff member that has even posted in that forum since December 17th is Novynn, who is a Web Developer. It's actually kinda funny that the last item with a "_GGG" member posting on it in the Bug Reports forum is Stacey_GGG replying to a Supporter Pack bug.

We know you guys are working on, assumingly, all of these issues. But I feel like the veil between the player and the developer needs to be pulled back very slightly.

Ruins Hellions, the big dog monsters from The Quay and The Grain Gate in Act 8 have been bugged since September. They suddenly stopped having their corpses able to be Desecrated with the release of Heist.

There was a post on the Bug Forum about this in September. It was Bumped in October, and then again by me in December. It is not only not fixed, but not acknowledged whatsoever.

Again, this is not a bash post. This is feedback that I feel that GGG needs to hear from the community in a respectful, non-toxic way.

Which brings us back to the topic of the Community_Team account. I feel that this position should take upon the duty of updating the Known Issues post as well as being the PR account for GGG here. Peace of mind is a hell of a good feeling, and (most of) the community wants to help achieve this and possibly streamline the bug report system, as well as other forms of feedback.

I would like to open the topic up to the reddit community though. What do y'all think about this situation? I know there was a bit of pushback with the Community_Team announcement a month ago, but I feel as though this is a step in the right direction.

Keep it civil and mature. I know there will be the typical toxic people to downvote this a bit, but I feel as most of the community wants to see this game succeed as much as possible.

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Originally posted by DadBodGamingGod

That's not Moderation. Moderation is the enforcement of rules on a given forum. They also arbitrate issues between users. That's not what the Community_Team account is for, nor what I am asking for them to do.

I am asking for them to make sure the Developers know of the bugs posted in the forums and to update the post reflecting this, which is absolutely within their scope.

Just popping in to clarify that the QA team checks every post in the bug report forum. The community team's role in this process is different than what you're suggesting here. It's not possible for the QA team to respond to every report they receive but they do check them. Updating the known issues thread is more complicated than it sounds at face value. This is due to the many variables in play like confirming whether something is a bug, how it would be fix, if that fix is feasible, what sort of timeline that fix would come under. Sometimes in the process of confirming something is actually a bug it becomes fixed basically immediately, meaning it completely skips the window of being in the known issues thread and becomes part of the next patch/patch notes.

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Originally posted by imunchgarbage

I am in agreement. The sentiment is good. But I do not think OP is attributing the correct responsibilities to the community account. The community account is for collecting gameplay feedback and game / event communication. Bug reports are more functionality driven and should be submitted in bug reports. Sometimes the community account might gather bug information and submit it to the developers but that doesn't mean its the proper channel.

OP, the way I separate it in my head would be:

Heist crashes = functionality bug = developers = bug report

Heist doors aren't fun = gameplay feedback = community account = angry reddit thread

In my professional life (consulting) I see this a lot. Often clients will reach out to the person most likely to respond instead of submitting it directly to the proper channel. I think its because they often get a response which subconsciously tells them its going to be worked on. Even though often this type of behavior leads to a longer resolution because the task now has to make its way to the correct team. The way OP adds that the known issues is meant to ' alleviate anxiety' jumped out at me.

Another way to think about it is just look at the job posting its pubic here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2961158

We are looking for someone to fulfil the following role:

  • Gather community feedback and report findings.
  • Stay on the pulse of community trends and concerns.
  • Communicate clearly about concerns and relay information between the development team and community.
  • Monitor all social media platforms for opportunities to communicate and report issues.
  • Provide customer support.
  • Execute social media and marketing plans.

maintaining the developer forums isn't a responsibility of the person they were hiring.

Nailed it.

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Originally posted by DadBodGamingGod

Thank you for your response, I do have a follow up question, if you don't mind.

Based on your reply, if something happens that creates a bug (Lets say, for example, the Ruins Hellions being unable to be Desecrated) that cannot be fixed. Is that something that is just going to be ignored instead of being put into a "Known Issues" list? Again, the bug in this scenario is pretty minor...I just have to go back to the Quay/Grain Gate and find the mob again if the Spectre ever dies, but I feel like I am misinterpreting to point of "Known Issues".

That requires a pretty complicated answer as well unfortunately. Having said that, I've asked about the issue you're talking about and am waiting to hear back.

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Ruins Hellions, the big dog monsters from The Quay and The Grain Gate in Act 8 have been bugged since September. They suddenly stopped having their corpses able to be Desecrated with the release of Heist.

We checked and this is intentional as they have an on-death effect which would trigger when the corpse is created. It hasn't been possible to do this for much longer than you describe (no change since at least mid-2018). Having said that, we agree that it's a good candidate for a separate spectre version and will set that up.