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Hey, thanks for all the detail in these posts. Sorry I didn't mention earlier, but I have passed this feedback on how this behavior works onto the team. I can't say if this behavior will change or not as it's been how rearming mines have functioned since they were reworked.

Just to clear some things up as I was a bit misleading in my earlier posts. What you are calling the rearm period is actually the cast time of the mine. What you are calling the refractory period is the arming time. There's no mystery period of mines not receiving signals, they are intentionally being ignored as they haven't finished arming yet.

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" Stardark88 wrote: any updates?
If this is working as intended it would be nice to hear it from official side so we can scrub the build and move on.

We have checked with the design team and the way things currently work is intended.
We don't have any plans to change things mid-league.

Edit: As far as we can tell, nothing has changed with how Mines work since the re-work took place(patch 3.8.0).
We have re-opened this thread to discuss the problem further.