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So I stopped playing the league quite a while ago, but I continue to browse reddit and watch the occasional youtube video on PoE. After watching Cutedogs video on builds that used to work that aren't possible anymore, it got me thinking a little bit.

When did the game become known for nerfs? Like I mean literally around what patch did the game start becoming known for nerfing/gutting builds and interactions?

Everytime I see a build showcase or some item + build interaction showcase on reddit, there's always a couple comments that (jokingly) say it's gonna get nerfed now. People who missed the "build of the week" videos from a while ago say if it comes back, it will be called "nerf of the week".

It seems that to some extent the community has been receiving the nerf philosophy somewhat well? (the remaining players anyhow). I've read some posts/comments from people talking about other things they want nerfed such as max block, es/life on block, cold convert (hatred aura I think), aurastackers and what not. Players seem genuinely excited for the upcoming aurabot nerfs, was this always a problem about a year ago? I swear I almost never saw a post talking about aurabots needing to be nerfed until this patch, maybe I just missed those posts.

If people are happy with the nerfs and want more, then more power to them. Personally last manifesto, and to the same extent the upcoming one, I'm genuinely afraid to read the notes now. I'm scared about what will get nerfed next when I used to be really excited reading the patch notes a couple leagues ago. I honestly never really understood the need for nerfing stuff in a mostly PvE game, unless it was something straight up breaking the game. I personally hope that the upcoming league(s) will shift the balance philosophy more towards buffs but maybe I'm wrong, and that nerfs are really the way to go. Hopefully some of the comments can give me more insight onto this situation, thanks for reading.

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We discussed much of this in depth on recent community podcasts and included a round-up of these discussions that you can view here.

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