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" vergil231 wrote: To negate critical strike damage I am using the watcher's eye mod of ' you take 60% reduced extra damage from critical strikes while affected by determination' and 'You take 30% reduced extra damage from critical strikes" from the new Armour Mastery .

Along with it I got the boot enchant of "You take 10% reduced extra damage from critical strikes if you have taken a critical strike recently'

Normally the Defence tooltip shows - Enemy Crit Extra damage reduction :-90%

Technically as per my understanding whenever I would be taking a critical strike the wording of the Defence tooltip should change to : Enemy Crit Extra damage reduction: -100%
But whenever I take a critical strike the numeric shows Enemy crit damage reduction :-80% and I visibly take more damage at that time.
I am confused here. Help me understand whether my assessment of the wordings wrong or is it really a bug ?

Thanks for your report, we'll look into this.