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" lathis wrote: Hi,
So, I have a belt, which I appear to be getting 400% dexterity on, instead of 13% increase.

Belt has +34 Str and Dex. Without any quality on it.
Without the belt equipped I'm at 701 Dexterity.
With the belt equipped, I go to 837 Dexterity.
I have the +8% dexterity node, and the +5% attribute node. No other modifiers.

So, I'd expect to get 38 dex, instead of 136 dex from equipping the belt.


Stats without belt:

Stats with belt:

Passive cluster:

Thanks for your report, this seems intended.
Your helmet has 15% increased Dexterity if Strength is higher than Intelligence.
By removing the belt, your Strength is no longer higher than Intelligence so you lose that 15% Dexterity bonus.