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" Enyxx wrote: Hi,

Immediately upon updating to the latest NVIDIA drivers (516.40) the game started having issues: Texture turning black, replaced by black squared, then reappearing Minimap "reloading" non stop etc...

It happens everywhere including loading screen (Loading GGG Cogs), character selection and, of course, in game.
It's not playable at all.

Vulcan 2560x1440 all maxed out, 3080Ti / AMD 5950X

Bug report: 4 065 513 157

It is also happening to friends with different specs altogether:
Vulcan 1080p all low. 1660 SUPER / Ryzen 5 2600 B

Bug report : 1 757 924 133

Switching to DX12 fixed the issue.

Hey there,

Thank you for the report.

From what we can see, and from what we've noticed after reproducing the issue on our systems, this appears to be due to the new driver.
If you rollback to the previous one, it's no longer an issue.

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" ThatDudeThor3 wrote: thats all well and good but what is going to be done to fix this issue on your end? as having outdated drivers is otherwise bad for your gpu and vulkan not working because we have to roll back our drivers is actually ridiculous

We're still looking into the issue to see what can be done.
For now, the best advice we can give is to rollback the driver, or use a different renderer.