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" Brudal1234 wrote: The Vaal Skill Gluttony of Elements, gained from the Item Blood of Corruption states the following:

"Taking elemental damage instead heals you and nearby allies"


With active skill "Gluttony of elements" any taken elemental damage is not healed. It is only not taken.

This was tested with following situations:

- While gluttony of elements is active, Righteous Fire is not causing health degeneration but not healing. All elemental resistances during the test testing were 11%. As soon as gluttony of elements runs out, the degeneration is applied
(To test elemental DOT / Degen damage not healing)

- Herald Of Thunder in combination with the ring Storm Secret deals 250 lightning damage when the storm hits an enemy.
During active storm as well as gluttony of elements, there is no healing when you take damage. Again the damage is only not taken. Tested with positive +11% as well as negative -71% lightning resistance (To Test elemental Hits from items)

- With the leather belt Gluttony and the armour Lightning Coil the 30% damage taken as lightning damage is also only nullified but not healed. (to test "elemental damage taken as")

- The Monster Type Wandering Eye in Act 4 - The Harvest are dealing lightning damage with their skill Ball Lightning. As soon as Gluttony of elements is active no damage from Ball Lightning is recieved but here as well no healing. (to test Monster elemental damage)

I searched the patch notes but couldn't find a change log which states this mechanic is intended. The Description of the skill is also pointing out the heal effect, so i think its bugged.

Thanks for your report, we'll look into this.