18 days ago - Jatin_GGG - Direct link

" Masterdo wrote: Start a map, partially or fully complete it. Leave with a portal. From hideout, go to Azurite mine and complete some nodes. Go back to hideout and in map. From map, try to portal out. The hideout crashed, you can't leave the map anymore. It says Failed to join instance because: Disconnected from server. Failed to join any instances.

This happens every time for me. First time was to spend some sulphite in a map where Niko popped randomly, so I spent the sulphite, got back in to harvest the one that spawned and couldn't leave, had to alt+f4. For fun I tried again next time Niko spawned, same exact thing, same steps. Spent a Niko mission to try it again, same result.

Thanks for your report, we're aware of this.