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11 Feb


A few months ago we began interviewing some of our streamers and notable community members. In continuation of this series, we've interviewed Quin69 from our very own New Zealand! Find out what Wanganui's #1 gamer has to say about life as a Path of Exile streamer.

Hi Quin, thank you for taking part in the interview! Please introduce yourself.

Hey! I’m Quintin, but most people call me Quin! I’m just some rat from New Zealand who really likes to play computer games and thought it would be a good idea to broadcast it to the internet.

When did you first start streaming? How did you get into it?

I started streaming in 2014! One of my dreams was to have a career in video games, but I never thought it would be a possible living in New Zealand (GGG sure proved me wrong) but then I discovered T... Read more

10 Feb


Originally posted by DNOnnie

All right then. Keep your secrets.

LOL <3


Originally posted by slipperyjim8

We've got 2 numbers to go by I'm sure we could all work together and bring back the cringe.

If anyone was going to go through this insane effort I would expect it to be you.


Originally posted by znowu

TIL: Chris lives in his office.

You must be new here :P


Originally posted by ZaccieA

Great interview. Bex is definitely someone I look upto as someone with an interest in community management. She's a Gold standard for a CM. Keep it up Bex, here's to many more years. 🍻

What a lovely comment. Thank you so much. That means a lot to me.


Originally posted by kpiaum

So all that rumor that Bex is Chris's sister was a big hoax that spread too much?

People have always confused me with many other staff who work here. Chris' sister does work here with us but we are not related.


Originally posted by xmesaj2

Fun Fact, I have a Becks box under my desk that I keep pens and papers in.


Originally posted by Tehoncomingstorm97

Wait, so who came up with the questions for Bex then, if she's the one being interviewed?

NeverSink and I asked for more questions on my Twitter.


Originally posted by Legendarykg

How many gifs do you have ready at any given time?


Originally posted by Anvesi

Don't let your memes be dreams, Bex! (we want more memes, we can never have enough)


Originally posted by Zizaran

We don't deserve Bex <3


Originally posted by Tryxt

Hoping for at least another 4 more. Thanks for all your amazing work thus far!

At least. Thank you so much <3


Originally posted by SRLDervish

Yikes that past CM experience..! I wonder which game got to suffer Dark Bex's fury.

Congratulations, we're lucky to have you!

You don't know it, it went to another school.

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" Xedralya wrote: Bex, following your meme-tastic excellent adventure through the community to where you are now has been one of the fun little side-notes of the Path of Exile experience. Thank you for engaging as much as you do, and for lending your personal energy in ways that are surely beyond the scope of your official duties. I don't think anyone would disagree with me when they say ...
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