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10 Feb

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" Xedralya wrote: Bex, following your meme-tastic excellent adventure through the community to where you are now has been one of the fun little side-notes of the Path of Exile experience. Thank you for engaging as much as you do, and for lending your personal energy in ways that are surely beyond the scope of your official duties. I don't think anyone would disagree with me when they say ...
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Originally posted by tragicnate

Or perhaps this is the small teaser?



Originally posted by FORTNlT3

Can we get teaser of the teaser already?

Maybe I’ll post a small teaser in the news today. Maybe I won’t.

    Bex_GGG on Forums - Thread - Direct

I joined the Grinding Gear Games team almost six years ago, but four years ago today I was lucky enough to become the Community Manager for Path of Exile. These have been among the greatest years of my life. I have learned so much about life, the gaming industry, and myself over this time and I can't express enough how grateful I am to be in this position. To celebrate this anniversary, I wanted to answer some of your questions about what my role is like and my time at Grinding Gear Games.

How and when did you start working for GGG? How did you become the community manager?

I started working at GGG in March of 2013, shortly after we entered Open Beta. At that point I had heard of Path of Exile as this cool game being made by kiwis just up the road from me but I hadn't played it. I heard through the grapevine that they w... Read more

09 Feb


We don't usually post teasers ahead of the announcement because of the journalist embargo. After the announcement is out we typically post 1-2 teasers a day in addition to news every week day. Sometimes we even throw in weekend teasers. This expansion won't be as big as Betrayal but it'll still have the usual things you would expect.


Originally posted by Meowmeowkittenz

So Betrayal ending March 4th?

Yes, that should be correct for PC. On Xbox One it will end when the next expansion launches, like usual.


Originally posted by WarriorIsBAE

I know they made a post saying at the end of next week, but what day is that?

The previous dates for announcement/release we mentioned were estimates, but we're now close enough to be able to lock in exact dates. Here's what to expect in PST:

  • Expansion Announcement - Feb 19th
  • Expansion Launch on PC - March 8th
  • Expansion Launch on Xbox One - March 11th
  • Launch on PS4 - We can't confirm the specific date yet but we expect that mid-March is likely.

08 Feb


Originally posted by HermanManly

I can only imagine Bex's face as she browses this thread... she's probably loving it; knowing just how wrong all of us are

Have you ever been observing someone when they turn around and suddenly lock eyes with you? That's exactly how reading this comment felt. MRW



I have gone ahead and posted a response from Stacey on this below, I hope this helps!

" Stacey_GGG wrote: Just chiming in here, it is not uncommon to receive physical items from J!NX (T-Shirt and Hoodie in this case) separately. The Signed Art Pack is shipped from our office in New Zealand, so this will arrive by itself also. :)

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