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10 Dec


Originally posted by Nzash

Please don't forget the 1 color recipe, that one also can't be gotten

Oh yes, forgot to mention that 2 colour unlocks 1 colour at the same time. Combined into one unlock.


In Path of Exile: Betrayal we introduced 13 new unique items, most of which were already discovered by our community since the launch of the expansion. As usual, we've gathered all the community-known new unique items in one post for your reference.

The team is currently working on a series of small patches to address some existing bugs. If you're interested to learn more about what we're working on, please check out the ... Read more

Originally posted by CountCocofang

I'd like to see that for all recipes as a catch-up mechanic so that you automatically unlock "lesser" crafts (that you should have at that point and might've missed) as soon as you get a higher one. Or (additionally) make unlocked crafts account wide and make them accessible after one month into a league or something. You replaced master grinding with a collectathon ala Ubisoft. That's going to get real old real quick. Are more spreadsheets and checklists that you have to work through really what the game needs?

Some of them are more hidden than I had hoped, I’ll see if we can make them more on the unavoidable main path. I’ll talk to the guys who wanted no retroactive lower tier unlocks, especially if we get more feedback on it.


Originally posted by TLRean

I feel like it'd be more satisfying if there was a seperate unlock for corrupted crafting (maybe in the Vaal Outposts or something?).

Doing this retroactively is a bit messy, we can maybe do that for next league!


Originally posted by 5N0ZZ83RR135

Any fix for the coloring/linking/socketing of corrupted items? The crafting menu in standard league shows it can be done displaying the additional cost in vaal orbs but when you got to change it, it says this item is corrupted.

Oh, just replies to this below! It’s coming back without any unlock requirements.


Originally posted by Rory_Rackham

They were intended to be available as the first recipe, this’ll be fixed soon! We just have to test my fix to make sure it didn’t make something else worse. If you have the two colour recipe now you’ll automatically have ‘em unlocked so you don’t have to go back!

I should also note we’re returning the ability to change sockets on corrupted gear using extra Vaal Orbs, no unlock required. Same costs, just not requiring Vorici to be level 8! RIP buddy


Originally posted by Broncosen42

I made a thread about this issue today and got more than 130 replies. Dozens of people said they have the recipes, but no one was able to prove it. The few people who did provide a screenshot were mistaken the recipes with the two/three linked socket recipes. Since absolutely no one I know or talked to has unlocked these recipes, I think it is safe to assume they are currently bugged/glitched (unless someone is able to provide a screenshot of them in Betrayal).

According to poeDB, they are definitely part of the game and recipes you get from Niko

(see here: )

This has most likely something to do with the bugged delve quests. Many people suggested farming low level delves, but I did that for hours (and so did many other people) and no one got any of the recipes. Interesting to note is that everyone has the three socket recipe automatically unlocked in Standard, bu...

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They were intended to be available as the first recipe, this’ll be fixed soon! We just have to test my fix to make sure it didn’t make something else worse. If you have the two colour recipe now you’ll automatically have ‘em unlocked so you don’t have to go back!


The Delve model is the same as before, with the first 33 or so levels worth of depths chopped off as Niko starts later. We also increased Sulphite Capacity by a lot to compensate. The doubling you mention is something that was there before (once it hits map-level monsters, the curve changes).

I'm going to go through the feedback carefully during the day to try to find problems. Maybe there's more we can still improve here. If so, the problems would likely stem from you finding Sulphite less frequently than before but in bigger chunks (so when you're delving is less predictable and diverges from the model for players who delve more or less than average).


Originally posted by seiyaookami

Hmmm, I know what the numbers say in game, which do not change with Spell Echo. I also know that if I am really careful with one monster and no Runebinder, I can see the increase in activation. I am not going to argue this one though because of the hard evidence of the lack of number changes. I admit I had not checked those before.

That said: check this build for the lack of elemental effects:

Also, a screenshot:

You have Elemental Focus linked to Storm Brand, which prevents it from causing Elemental Ailments.


Originally posted by kylegetsspam

Cool beans. 👍

I kinda hate to poke for insider info, but do you happen to know if someone's looking into this safehouse bug that prevents all Betrayal events? It happened to one of my guildmates and he got real close to doing a chargeback on his supporter pack and quitting the league.

GGG's usually pretty good about game-breaking bugs like this but no one's responded here or on the various forum threads yet. D:

That is being looked into.

To celebrate the launch of the Betrayal League, we've just released the new Betrayal Brimmed Hat! The design draws inspiration from the order of Jun, our newest NPC. The Betrayal Brimmed Hat will only be available during the current league and won't appear in the shop again in the future. Don't miss it if you want to show your support to a specific development period of Path of Exile!

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Originally posted by AlienError

PoB is saying Concentrated Effect will increase my DPS with Shattering Steel, and while that skill does let me support it with Concentrated Effect, doing so does not affect the skill's damage tooltip at all (as it basically acts as a physical Ice Shot). The skill description does oddly say "in front of the impact location" vs "in a cone behind the target" so checking this is making me wonder if Shattering Steel actually hits twice with each projectile, once from impact and again from the aoe it creates in front of the impact location which should in theory contain the same enemy initially hit.

tl;dr Shattering Steel + Conc Effect is weird

PoB currently shows the DPS of the cone, which is area damage and is affected by Conc Effect. I'll add skill parts at some point so you can choose to see the projectile hit instead. Also, the cone doesn't damage the enemy that the projectile hit.

09 Dec

This weekend, we released Path of Exile: Betrayal, our largest expansion of 2018. Despite a few server issues in the first hours, it was one of our smoothest launches ever and hit peak player concurrency of 188,970 users (123,565 of those on Steam). This is 24% higher than our previous best-ever launch and is a record we're planning to break again in the future.

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Originally posted by Sleelan

Can it? I thought the only difference is the impale chance.

One of the helmet enchantments adds pierce to the primary.


Originally posted by kylegetsspam

If you're looking for bugs, I think I have one. Summon Holy Relic's purported DPS is affected by gems that would affect its cast rate if it weren't limited by a cooldown.

As a result, it's listing Cast while Channeling and Spell Echo as the top two DPS upgrades. It seems to be inheriting the gem's changes to cast speed and thus changing the Relic's attack/cast rate when, as far as I know, there isn't a way to do this.

I'm sure it's busy as f**k over there, so thanks for pushing updates on this thing during a league launch!

That's the case for all cooldown-limited skills; I do intend to fix that eventually though.

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