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09 Dec


Originally posted by mooseofdoom23

Will there ever be a retro-active tree feature? I hate having the game wipe my character trees, or even having PoB wipe old trees. I just can’t keep track of older character builds, and sometimes I want to go back to standard and play one but their tree has been manually reset and their build is broken in PoB.

Edit: not retro-active, maybe more like a time machine or backwards compatibility.

I do intend to add this at some point; definitely before the next patch that has tree-resetting changes.


Originally posted by Kesshisan

Thanks for the update, but I have a bug to report:

I have the Augyre item in my build teamed up with a Physical to Lightning gem, and I'm still showing that I'm doing some physical damage in the calcs page.

Pastebin for ya:

When I imported your build I noticed that you didn't have the correct skill selected in the Calcs tab; if you haven't already discovered this, then that's the cause, as selecting Ancestral Warchief correctly shows no Physical Damage.


Originally posted by Giutzi

Okay weird Question is there a Bug with the new Gems especially Double Strike? I made my build before the pob update and it showed 1,7M dps with doublestrike with 1h Claw & Shield now after the Update it shows 100k dps? Using a 1h & Shield should not change the Dps with the Gem update or did I miss something? Or is the Calculation Wrong? Same goes for Reave.

Is that still the case now?


Originally posted by MaGus76

Since the update claw crit nodes no longer count towards crit when using unarmed + rigwalds curse.

Fixed in the next update.


Originally posted by seiyaookami

PoB is not showing Spell Echo Support's cast speed increase affecting brands' frequency. It does, this allows them to hit monsters more often than Faster Casting Support would. After trying it, there is a quite noticeable increase.

It also does not show brands as having a chance to proc freeze, burn, or even shock. Mixing heralds into the mix, I have seen all three happen in game.

Edit: This is on 1.4.119

Brands state that "Increases and Reductions to Cast Speed also apply to this Skill's Activation frequency"; that means that multiplicative modifiers like Spell Echo don't apply, and I've just verified in-game that they do not.
I'm not sure what you mean about the freeze/ignite/shock chance; I'm seeing the appropriate chances listed in the Calcs tab.


Originally posted by [deleted]


GGG pays me plenty, but for working on the game, not developing PoB.


Originally posted by Etzlo

Arl, I think something f**ked up the avg dmg calculation of ice storm

Check for update; I released a hotfix that should correct that.


Originally posted by ThisIsCidehelm

Isn't it just like a % of the phys hit that can stack so kinda like crimson dance(?) bleed

Well, Crimson Dance also isn't supported yet... Impale should be easier, though.


Originally posted by Sleelan

Just FYI, Impale doesn't seem to calculate. I think I can just count it as 50% multiplier * effectiveness * chance to apply, but it would be nice to have.

Also, please add a way to tick multiple hits from Lancing Steel, Barrage style.

I know Impale doesn't calculate, because I haven't added support for it yet.
I'll look into Lancing Steel when I get the time, but it isn't straightforward as the primary projectile can have different properties than the secondary ones.


Originally posted by Amaxie

Is it even possible to add support for new Ice Nova interaction with Frostbolt and Spell Echo?

I'm not sure yet.


Originally posted by Scol91

You can level up this mod (mine is 1/3 to lvl2) but unveiling it multiple times. Since I can't imagine any other way lvl2 might be better I think it might be reduced craft cost at higher levles.

Ah, that’s a mistake, it caps out at 1 tier. I’ll fix that!


To celebrate the launch of the Betrayal League, we've just released the new Betrayal Brimmed Hat! The design draws inspiration from the order of Jun, our newest NPC. The Betrayal Brimmed Hat will only be available during the current league and won't appear in the shop again in the future. Don't miss it if you want to show your support to a specific development period of Path of Exile! Check out the video below or get yours here!

If you need points to spend, please check out the ... Read more
    Chris on Forums - Thread - Direct

This weekend, we released Path of Exile: Betrayal, our largest expansion of 2018. Despite a few server issues in the first hours, it was one of our smoothest launches ever and hit peak player concurrency of 188,970 users (123,565 of those on Steam). This is 28% higher than our previous best-ever launch and is a record we're planning to break again in the future.

Thank you so much to the new and returning players who joined us to celebrate this release. We can't express our appreciation enough for all of your enthusiasm, feedback and support.

Over the coming week, we'll prioritise post-launch issues as they come in, alongside the development of 3.6.0 which will be released in March. In New Zealand it's common for people to take a few weeks of summer holiday around Christmas/New Year, so we'll be running a skel... Read more

Originally posted by Reazer93

Is is dps calculation for blade flurry correct while dual-wielding? Had 2.9mil with 2 swords, now since the update only 1.4mil

The last update introduced a bug that affects the DPS of certain skills; I'll be pushing a hotfix soon to correct it.


Originally posted by kickfiz

Is that with the patch you last pushed through? cause with that one, some abilities still have no base damage, just get a new build with nothing, get a discharge, enable charges youll see it has 0 damage in every element

Discharge was fixed in the last update, 1.4.119.


Originally posted by maslt

Sorry if I'm hijacking but wanted to confirm his post, my Ele BV went from 2.9m to 1.3m after updating, no item, config, or passive tree changes. POB:

This should be fixed in the next update.


Originally posted by Ephemeral_Being

I can do better than that. I posted this build a week ago. There's a PoB Preview Bot that shows what the DPS was a week ago. When you import it into PoB, it now shows up as ~455k.

Something changed.

It looks like I've already fixed the issue locally, because I'm seeing ~950k here.


Originally posted by Ephemeral_Being

Mate, the latest patch (the one that fixed the Node Power bug) dropped the DPS on my build from ~1.6m to ~900k. I lost about 40% of my DPS, and I have no idea why. The only thing that might be relevant was something about "floating charges" affecting Discharge damage (I'm using Power Charges). Flipping through other builds I have saved, anything that used spells for primary damage (Blade Vortex, RF, Dark Pact) has lost a TON of damage. The only saved Attack build I have with data from pre-patch (Ele Hit) is displaying what it should.

I think you broke something. That, or something has been broken for ages, and it's now fixed, and I need to go radically retool my build.

Could you give me your build?


Originally posted by TheEmotionalSupport

For winter orb, is the posted dps at 1 stack, max stacks, or what? will there be a thing like BV has for stacks?

Edit: found it in the config options. I would have thought it would have been like BV but alright.

There's an option in the Configuration tab (Skill Options section) to set the stage count.

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