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07 Dec


Originally posted by moldydwarf

All unique maps appear to be missing from map tabs on Standard.

We are looking into this now.


Originally posted by krummysunshine

How much longer before launch? I'm at work and am not sure the exact time.

3 minutes


Originally posted by TheSentinelsSorrow

they bug me by just sitting there, is there any way to delete them?

Customer support can do this for you if you email them at




Originally posted by rbeason

Oh ok. So it's just auras like Clarity, Hatred, Blasphemy, etc. But any aura, is it just skill aura effects or ANY aura mtx?

This only affects microtransaction that you find in the 'Skill Effects' part of the store, rather than any "Character Effects".


Originally posted by BONUS_PATER_FAMILIAS

Lie :(

?? Queues are open now.


Originally posted by Seriouscatt

About half an hour now

The queues have just opened.


Originally posted by lieutenantdan669


It's just under two hours to go.


Originally posted by Xuuru

I just finished the download, clicked in "Log in" and didnt enter the usual queue that we have all leagues.

No queue for betrayal?

Queues will start in about an hour once we've completed migration.


Originally posted by Riael

How the hell do I stop steam from patching over the files that I have already downloaded from the torrent?

The torrent doesn't work with Steam.


Originally posted by GegeTime

You're amazing bex! Worked perfectly, thanks

No problem.


Originally posted by Bex_GGG

You can download the standalone client here but you'll still need to patch the new expansion once you've done this. Atlernatively, you could download the torrent for Path of Exile: Betrayal which includes the content file, but you'll still need to patch a few more files once it's installed. (For anyone else reading this, at this point it's faster to download the patch from the standalone client/steam and wouldn't be recommended to use the torrent unless you're downloading for the first time.)



Originally posted by Kyssteamies

Sorry to bother you bex but I'd there any time estimate on when the queue starts?

In around an hour once migration has completed.

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