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29 Nov


I now know what it feels like to be on this side of the trolling. I'm not sure I like it >:(

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War Banner and Dread Banner are new aura skills coming alongside Path of Exile: Betrayal. You'll carry banners through combat with you, planting them down in moments of triumph or desperation for powerful extra effects.

Banners provide powerful benefits for attack based characters, casting instantly and reserving a small amount of mana when first used. War Banner increases the accuracy of nearby allies, while increasing physical damage taken by nearby enemies. As you kill enemies, it gains stages. Casting the skill again while you have War Banner active plants it in front of you, ending the mana reservation, and it gains large benefits to duration, radius, and aura effect for each stage you've built up. War Banner also grants a short adrenaline effect when planted, the powerful damage, speed and physical dam... Read more

Originally posted by TheJollyLlama875

What about Ball Lightning?

Ball Lightning does not (and can not) pierce, so removing the ability to pierce from it accomplishes nothing.

Freezing Pulse pierces - when it collides with a target, it continues on the same path instead of stopping. Ball Lightning does not - it doesn't collide with things other than blocking terrain in the first place, so has no opportunity to pierce (or chain, or fork).

As we mentioned in our announcement of Path of Exile: Betrayal, we've rearranged the entire Atlas of Worlds.

Today's news post[] reveals the new Atlas art and map tiers.

Originally posted by Nheat

Does this prevent Freezing Pulse's natural pierce?

EDIT: If chained/forked FPs have their own damage and freeze chance from their new point of origin, this could be pretty interesting. Likely not the case due to how Point Blank functions, and a chained/forked projectile is considered the same projectile as the original.

It does prevent Freezing Pulse's natural pierce!


Originally posted by btlucas

The filter just doesn't work like it should, I'm not able to filter correctly what I want and things that should be searchable like "one-handed sword" doesn't return mtx that can apply to one-handed swords.

Some pics showing how it doesn't work propely:

Applies to wand but it doens't show when searching wand

Same thing with claws

Shows me no one-handed swords mtx

We've got some plans around this but currently no timeline to share.


Originally posted by NeverSinkDev

This better not count as daily news :).

Shame. On the bright side, I think a lot of players who'll play on PC might actually give PS4 a go. I might for one.

We've still got another news post about Betrayal stuff coming today.

28 Nov


Originally posted by Unkynd

Is there a better way to know when Bex/Chris/GGG posts something?



Originally posted by nefadbr

Communication. Thanks for being so communicative with your player base! 11/10

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As we mentioned in our announcement of Path of Exile: Betrayal, we've rearranged the entire Atlas of Worlds. We are ready to reveal the new Atlas art and map tiers.

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Path of Exile on PlayStation 4 Release Delay

When we announced Path of Exile for PlayStation 4 earlier this month, we indicated we were aiming for a December release. Unfortunately, we have had to revise this to early February. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience this causes, because we know there are many players looking forward to this release.

We underestimated the amount of work it would take to finish the certification process during the busy Christmas period. While we hope to have everything ready in January, we feel a lot more comfortable promising early February as a target release window. This will also give us time to work on game performance/frame rate, which we feel could be improved before release.

Again, we're very sorry about this. We understand that many PlayStation users were keen to play Betrayal over Christmas and have been eagerly awaiting release date news. We promise that Path... Read more

Originally posted by DawnBlue

What can you NOT do?!

Rap :’(

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