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Hey there. As some of you have guessed, the reintroduction of the Spawn Priority System is likely the cause of the performance issues when populations are high. We're still investigating, however, and seeing where further performance improvements can be made. Much of the team will be spending this week with their family, as it's a Holiday here in America, so there won't be much progress made until everyone is back "in the office" next week.

This issue has been a little bit rock-and-hard-place over the years. Good spawn system = expensive, old spawn system = poor game flow (and let's be clear, every incarnation of the legacy spawns was bad.) The improvements to the system have lowered the server burden, but seemingly not enough to make the kind of impact we want.

For the time being, we're going to reduce the continent population caps to 250 per faction (it's currently at 300 per faction) so that we've got a playable game while work continues, and we'll make sure additional continents open at lower global pop values, which will reduce queue times as well.

As of writing this message, these values are Live (it's something we can adjust on the fly,) so you can report back any changes to gameplay in the thread here.

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