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my game is constantly crashing in casual solos, and it makes it unplayable, because in in one game it crashed twice and in another it crashed three times before i gave up on trying.

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11600k, 3060 ti, 16gb 3200mhz ram, plenty of open storage on the drive for all of my game, and temps on components in acceptable range, and updated drivers

Hey OP, find the latest information / troubleshooting tips regarding crashing issues here https://na.battlegrounds.pubg.com/may-24-crash-issue-update/

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It has been working fine u til yesterday’s patch

That sounds like a corrupt file occurring due to a faulty update download. Something may have happened during the download/installation of the update which caused a game file to go corrupt which would explain crashing. The first troubleshooting step would be to verify the game file integrity. If the issues continue and no file corruptions are found through that check then you should check out further troubleshooting steps in the link I've shared in my other reply here.

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I haven’t played for a month. Downloaded the new season last night. Kept crashing on Taego. Verified files. Five needed updating. It did another 3 GB download then all ok.

Yeah, I do not know why exactly, but sometimes, for some players this can happen during update downloads and installs. Some game files may go corrupt and could cause instability. Verifying the game files is always a good first step in resolving issues after an update has been installed.

Clearing the steam download cache and switching the steam download server location / region may help as well sometimes if issues persist.