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As the title states, in multiple instances in the past few weeks... we've heard phantom gun shots in our PUBG games coming from seemingly nowhere, and as of last night... phantom bikes as well!

I was intending to post this last week, but was hoping that maybe the patch would fix it. That was clearly wishful thinking, because we continued to hear phantom shots in our games last night and also encountered a new bug... invisible 2 seater bikes!

I did some googling over this and only found this one Reddit Thread mentioning the issue of phantom shots, with a few people reporting that they're experiencing the same problem. An example video from u/rosik is included in that thread showing the problem with a replay of the map indicating that there were no enemies present where he heard the shots from.

This issue has plagued me in the last few weeks multiple times, and I managed to clip two separate instances of it happening to me in the below clips:


And one instance of my buddy hearing a whole battle happening somewhere across the map:


It does seem like the shots we're hearing are real and happening in the game, since what he's describing lines up with the killfeed... but the shots are happening nowhere near us.

I reinstalled PUBG last week but the issue persisted, and considering others are also having this problem I didn't expect it to be on my end anyway. But the bug seems common enough that it's has gotten to the point where I'm losing confidence in my ability to locate targets based on combat sounds... and that's just down right unacceptable. Its become a meme, but my duos partner and I literally have to start asking each other "do you hear those shots?" before we make a call out. Yikes.

Regarding the invisible bikes... this is a new one for me, but we encountered this issue twice last night: We kill a team on Sanhok and plan on stealing their bike, only for the bike to literally be invisible for me, but not my duos partner.

Pic of me spotting the enemy with his bike. We kill them before they take their emergency pickup: https://imgur.com/a/3v8EGgm

And the shenanigans that followed:



My duos partner LITERALLY DISSPEARS when he hops on this 2-seater bike... only to re-appear across the map with me minutes later.

We also encountered this issue when an enemy tried to hop on their bike:


How do we encounter absolutely game shattering bugs this late into a games life cycle? PUBG is one of my favorite games and I have over 3000 hours logged. Any dedicated PUBG player knows that this game is sometimes hard to love, but we come back anyway because it scratches an itch like nothing else quite can... but this is crossing a line that I have a hard time justifying.

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Thank you for the detailed report of the issues! I've shared the videos with the team.