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it started about 3 - 4 days ago , or probably earlier I don't remember, definitely started after the recent patch update.

The game just keeps on stuttering, intermittent FPS drops to 30-40, and then feels like when it accumulates to a certain point and the game just freezes. so I had to force close it with task manager... literally unplayable.

I've verified files, uninstalled , reinstalled , updated graphic drivers, lower my graphic setting, change resolutions , exited background apps (Gforce experience, Razer synapse etc etc) all means conceivable but the problem still persists..

anything I might have missed out here...? please help...

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about 2 months ago - /u/SteveTheHappyWhale - Direct link

Not all game files are replaced with a standard reinstall. Check out the guide below on how to do a clean reinstall to rule out any game files being corrupted. I'd recommend taking a look at all of the ts suggestions in there as there are other bits that can be helpful. https://na.battlegrounds.pubg.com/crashing-performance-connectivity-troubleshooting-guides/