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PC live servers are now live with Update 14.1

Quick rundown of the update:

  • New Feature: Carry
    • You can now carry knocked teammates and enemies on your back
  • Taego Updates:
    • New Feature: Error Spaces
    • New Feature: Breakable Pots
    • Comeback BR UI improvements
    • Vehicle balance updates
    • Added Comeback BR Leaver Penalty to Ranked Mode
    • Various additions of cover around the map
    • Topography and terrain improvements
  • Erangel Updates:
    • Church near Pochinki has received an overhaul
    • Terrain updates including new waterways near Pochinki, more cover, and more
    • Halloween-themed weather type and decorations
  • Map Rotation Updates:
    • New Normal Match map rotation: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Taego, Paramo
    • New Ranked Mode map rotation: Erangel, Miramar, Taego, Paramo
  • Ranked Season 14
  • New Progressive Weapon Skin and Crate
  • Halloween-Themed Lobby
  • Improvements to Nameplates
  • DirectX 12 Rendering System Support
  • Various UI Improvements
  • Performance Improvements
  • Bug Fixes

...and more.

For a full rundown, please read the PC Update 14.1 Patch Notes or watch the Patch Report.

Please use this megathread for discussing the Test Server update, posting your experience so far, reporting issues you encounter, asking questions that come up.

How do you feel after playing on PC Update 14.1? Expand on your opinion in the comments!

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Originally posted by Ronny070

What the f**k is that thing at the top of the 5 story building in Pecado (the one with the parachutes on top) and how the hell do I disable it?

Hey guys, disabling the setting "Livestream Streams" in the gameplay settings will prevent the videos from playing in the interim. The devs are working on a hotfix to resolve this.

Originally posted by TSPSweeney

Has the crawl speed when knocked been reduced? I had a game earlier and got knocked out of zone and seemed to be moving at about half the previous speed.

Hoping it was a bug rather than a means of forcing people to get picked up by their friends...

Hey sir, have not heard of any changes to movement speed while dbno. If you have any video clips suggesting something has changed I'm happy to forward it to the team to investigate!

Originally posted by Apherix

In certain scenarios, you are unable to drop a picked up player in certain locations even in rooms with enough space.

Hey Apherix, this is a bug and is being worked on getting fixed!

Originally posted by MT1982

You can pick people up, but can't drop them in buildings? "Not enough room". If I'm trying to carry a downed teammate to safety I'm going to want to bring them inside a building. How come the vast majority of the buildings are too small to drop the player in? Makes no sense.

Hey MT, this is a bug and we've made the teams aware of it!

Originally posted by r0ryb0ryalis

While carrying downed players they can't be dropped 99% of the time ("not enough space"? lol)

Hey r0ry! We've made the team aware of this bug, thanks for reporting.