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Wether it is META or underrated, what is your favourite gun and why?

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Originally posted by p1zzaman81

The pizzagun, easy to control and invokes the fear of the divine

Every bit of this sentence sounds just right.

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The Lynx because it disintegrates people, otherwise, the vector. The vector, to me, is by far the best primary weapon in the game hands down.

Little known fact: Players who get shot at by a lynx are more likely to lose that gunfight due to the fear and terror they experience due to it's terrifying sound. I made this up. I 100% agree. If I didn't spend years and thousands of hours with the kar98, Lynx would definitely be my #1.

The one and only, kar98. Hitting that headshot on a standing, sitting, moving, jumping, driving, running target feels like nothing else I've experienced in any other shooter.