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This is from the 13.1 patch notes going live on Tuesday:

We have received a lot of player feedback asking for an increase in the amount of Care Package air drops available in each match. Let’s fix that!

First of all...who are all these players asking for an increase in the number of care packages? Maybe I'm wrong but I have never heard anyone say that ever. Didn't PUBG remove level 3 helmets as a rare world spawn because there were too many players in end game with level 3 gear?

Oh wait..these are "small" care packages that have healing and ammo...so WTF is the point? If people really did say they wanted more care packages I doubt they meant the box without care package loot. Who wants to go for a care package to get ammo?? Sorry but this makes NO sense.

If you are really listening to feedback why are you ignoring the loudest feedback about your NA and EU queues being BUSTED due to the featured map queue? Why don't you fix something that is actually killing your game in various regions and merge Taego back into the random queue?

#PUBGlogic on full display.

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about 2 months ago - /u/SteveTheHappyWhale - Direct link

Hey sir, appreciate your feedback. We are following up regarding the queues and hope to have an update for you soon. Reddit is one of many platforms that is used predominantly more in NA / EU regions, less so in other regions. A suggestion that makes it into the game can be made by players all over the world and do not necessarily have to be made here on the sub.