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Title says it.

I want to know what gives you the "calmness" to reach at least top 5, or even make #1 and get the dinner. Especially in FPP.

More and more I learn (after >800 hrs), it's not really about my recoil control, my aiming per se, my weapons at all. I mostly feel like a serious, well competitive player, a challenge or threat to my foes, at least most of the time! OFC I do dumb stuff as well where you'd facepalm. It's about my mindset. Becoming weak and nervous especially in the late game.

I can't get over it somehow. My best games are mostly my first 4-8 games, then I start to lack more and more.

What really helps me alot right now, is the event with the little zone, 16 max players, just getting into the end zone with having a fair chance of good equipment, that helped alot. That's OT already, but I really wish this mode to persist, ideal in aditional FPP.

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about 2 months ago - /u/SteveTheHappyWhale - Direct link

This will depend on whether or not I have enough info. If I know where everyone is, I don't sweat it much and am able to observe / listen for info / take out most important targets while remaining calm.

Buuut when I do not know where everyone is / could be and I get into unexpected encounters, it it's multiple people - I literally sometimes do not breathe until the encounter is over :D!

I love the endgame adrenaline rush!