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Hey there, I recently got Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Edition on Steam and I have been enjoying the game a lot since I have over three years experience of it on PS4. However, I am dealing with many technical issues in the game and one of the most annoying one is the game crashes sometimes midway. The screen freezes for 10 seconds and after the game crashes and a screen appears talking about sending a crash report. Whilst the game is in its 'crash' state, you can still hear sound but it doesn't update. I have tried verifying the files and switching between directx11 and vulcan (I mainly use Vulcan)

Another issue is when I am using vulcan often the cursor doesnt match with the resolution I play in (1024x768 16:9 FOV 90) and it is in hd. It gets hard to click on things and I have to alt-tab in order to get it back to normal. It often gets to a hd cursor at startup, after loading in a game and after finishing a game. This reduces my fps until I alt-tab too.

The last one is sometimes when I try to launch R6 it malfunctions and says 'Failed to Synchronize Achievements' and another one that I can't seem to remember.

My specs is
CPU: Intel Core I5 8625U
GPU: Intel(R) Graphics UHD 620
(This may seem like a weak setup but it does me well)

Any help is greatly appreciated and I hope you have a good one,
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Hey n.ahte, thanks for reaching out and I am sorry to hear about the problems you've been having, as I certainly understand it can make it frustrating to deal with.

First and foremost, based on the system specs you've provided, it appears that your graphics card is a little below minimum system requirements, therefore may I double-check whether you're possibly using laptop by any chance? If you are indeed, it is likely that crash issue may occur in case if your PC/Laptop overheats, therefore would you be able to give a little more detail about the instances in which your game crashed? Did you notice any consistencies that have occurred each time prior to crash?

In regards to the cursor issue, have you tried changing the aspect ratio to 5:4 or anything else, to see if problem persists?

As far as the 'Failed to Synchronize Achievements' issue goes, I'd recommend to verify your game files and this should no longer persist .

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