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Originally posted by Zegman1908: I've had this issue with discord overlay for a while now and idk how to fix it. When I first start up the game, discord overlay runs perfectly fine. However, if i'm in a call and once the first game starts, I can no longer see who is in my call. This is only a problem when i'm playing with ppl from the r6 discord and I won't know whos talking. I have a theory that it may be because of r6 tracker but idk how they could interfere with each other.

Hey Zegman1908,

Thank you for reaching out - as this is regarding the Discord Overlay rather than the game itself, our support is limited here, however if you're using a 3rd party overlay for the R6 tracker, this may be interfering with Discord.

Please try the game with the R6 Tracker overlay disabled to check if this is possibly conflicting with the Discord overlay.

If there's anything more we can help with, please let us know!

- Ubisoft Support