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so aside from the issue that Ubisoft logs me out every now and then after closing the game due to "inactivity" (like yea, I'm immediately inactive after closing the game and this is "inactivity", sure), I absolutely don't understand how both the "Remember me" function and the "add as trusted device" function do not work at all. Every single time Ubisoft logs me out, I have to enter my mail and password and also every single time while at it I have to check my mail to get the code to type that in too.

How in the world can an application be THIS bad and once you solve an issue and are happy you encounter the next one?

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Hey there @som3guy and @Cavendar-ECO , thanks for sending across your reports of these issues. I understand you've had the remember me and trusted devices not working - sorry about this!

I can see our teams are looking into various issues for these two functions internally, both for Ubisoft Connect and for here on Discussions. My apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime, and for not having an update on these issues quite yet. As soon as we've got updates to report, you'll see them on our socials, and over in our megathread for this issue in Ubisoft Connect / Player Support.

If you've any further thoughts or questions on this, I'd really appreciate it if you could put them in that thread I've linked, too - just so we can keep everything together in one place, since the issue is not specific to Siege. Thanks!