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YEsterday my brother tried accesing r6 and had difficulty connecting to servers while I had no problem, today I had the same issue but he didn't. Whats happening.
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Hey SSStarburst, thanks for reaching out and welcome to forums!

Are you using the same connection? If you are and issue only occurs when you are attempting to play at the same time, this will be related to limitations that you have on your internet service.

In order to test it, you can try connecting to the game at a different times to see if issue persists, or alternatively, one of you can try connecting using home internet whilst other one can try using mobile data (or any other internet service) and see if problem persists.

If it doesn't, then I would strongly recommend you to try completing steps outlined in the following article.

Keep us updated!

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Troubleshooting connectivity issues in Rainbow Six: Siege (PC)