15 days ago - Ubi Milky - Direct link
Hello Garrix_Foreverand everyone else commenting on thi sthread.

The current freezes that occur in the game or on certain map, are currently being looked into by our Siege team.

Our QA team have asked us to gather the following info from players affected if you wouldnt mind answering >>

- The Match ID of the game affected
- Exact Windows OS and update version used (You can check this by pressing the Windows key and typing 'Windows' to bring up the update information)
- Your CPU, GPU, Ram and internet upload and download speed
- Any videos or a description of what happened in-game, just before the freeze occurred?

Alternatively, if you have tried any workarounds or troubleshooting that seemed to work for you we would like to know to pass this on to our Siege team.

-Ubisoft Support