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Ever since the last season, it looks like I have a horrendous frame rate. However, the Uplay frame counter does not drop below 80fps and the benchmark tool also concludes with an min of 70, avg of 122, and max of 190 fps. while it looks like i only get 3 fps.
I do not experience any problems in other games I play, which mostly are red dead online and league of legends

benchmark results

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Hey there Big-DGW,

Welcome to the Forums, sorry to hear you're having issues!

I've checked your current specs with the game's requirements and it's certainly got enough power.

Have you attempted any troubleshooting since encountering this or tried enabling V-Sync?

Give these steps a try and let us know how you get on!
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Originally Posted by Big-DGW
Thanks for the help.
I followed the steps and did some trouble shooting with v-sync and Free-Sync.
I found that i could get the stutters removed when running ubisoft connect, and seige in administrator. with V-Sync on 2 frames and Free-Sync enabled.
This at the very least makes the game playable. However, it does tank the FPS, as even on medium setting it means i only get 30 fps.

Any suggestion how to improve it a bit?
Hey Big-DGW!

Thanks for your response there.

Just to check, have you tried using Vulkan API by any chance? If you haven't, give it a go by following steps outlined in the following article, as some players suggested that they were able to achieve better performance with it.

Keep us updated!

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