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A few weeks back I got my friend (let's call him Friend A) to buy me and another Friend (B) enough credit for an elite skin for each of us. We sent him our account details, and after waiting for a bit Friend B got his credits, But I couldn't, we tried purchasing for a total of 4 times before giving up, but because the transactions keep being put on pending he still loses money, so he spend a total of 90$ without any results. After spending the next few days trying to contact Ubi Support they tell us the whole pending thing, and the bank also contacted him saying that it might take up to a total of 45 days before the money gets returned, so we decided to wait, after 2 weeks he got his money back, we spent a few more days before he purchased 1800 credits for another Friend, which worked with no problem, and then mine, who is still now in pending, essentially i cannot buy any R6 credit because xd lol no idea ><. It feels like my account is being targeted, every time he tries to buy i get an email from Ubi reporting a fraudulent attempt, which is stupid because why am i the only getting it, but my friends got their credits fine with no problems, i created a ticket 2 days ago and it's still in the "new" status meaning even after 2 days Ubisoft still hasn't taken a look at it, other older tickets have also proven futile because Ubi doesn't reply to them too after waiting 3-4 days, I go inside my Ubi store on browser to find the 2 credit packs sitting inside my shopping cart, but my friend still lost his money????

Seriously hoping to get some help because this is terrible on Ubi's part
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Hey YUNGCOOKFANBOY, thanks for reaching out and I am sorry to hear about this.

I can see that you have created ticket on 2nd of January. Please do note that we're always aiming to respond within 48 hours however in some instances, slight delay is likely due to the volume of contacts we have been receiving over the past 5 weeks.

I will see what I can do to speed up the process for your case, however we would also appreciate if you could bear with us in the meantime.

In case if the matter is really urgent, please note that we also have live-chat available at selected hours and you can access it by going to our support website.
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Originally Posted by YUNGCOOKFANBOY
Thanks for replying, I will at the very least try to wait some more. It's more so the fact that I really need to know why I'm getting this problem rather than because I'm mad i couldn't get my elite that I am becoming rather impatient, but it's been a month since the first problem happened and i couldn't get any actual response from you guys
Alright, I see.

For the issue that has been happening for a month - did you reach out to us right away or did you only do it at a later stage? If you have reached out to us right away and you did not hear back from us within a month, can you provide me with a case number for this?

As far as the problem goes, did you try purchasing credits yourself, to see if issue persists, or is it the case where it only happens when your friend attempts to buy it for you?
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Originally Posted by YUNGCOOKFANBOY
Ah wait mb, it's been out more than half a month, my memory is kinda poop. I tried to reach out as soon as we sensed something was not right, the ticket's ID was 13638834. After that we decided to wait unti my friend got the money back b4 attempting it again, which leads to this current thread because it didn't work. I don't have a credit card so i can't buy it on my own, but so far it's only been me that gets the problem because he lives in Australia, where as I in Vietnam, along with Friend B and C, but both B and C got the credit while i couldn't
Thank you for getting back to us there.

I had a look at the case you're referring to and can see that you have reached out to us on 20th of December, and you received a response from us on 21st. You have responded to us on the same day and one of our agents got back to you on 23rd, so you had a number of interactions and we have responded to you within a day, as I was initially under impression that no one has responded for you for a month. Please do also note that as we had no response from you since, your case got automatically closed, however as I can see that issue persists, I have re-opened it for you so you can post your update.

The issue you're having might be related to you attempting to order credits from one location with a completely different currency from what was used in the past and therefore in response to it, the transaction is marked as a fraud. To prevent this, make sure to use currency that matches your region and if issue persists, let us know by updating the case and we will get back to you.

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