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Username: LanatDelRey
My Rainbow Six Siege PC's account was permanently banned for something I didn't do [Won't mention details here as everything is mentioned in my case. Ticket number is 13363086] and 1.5 months [November 22nd] have been passed since when I made a support case and more than just half a month has been passed since when my case was escalated [December 16th] and it was written in the mail that 'Please refrain from updating the case' so for 10 days I did wait but there was no reply and then I had to update my case to ask why was it taking time that resulted in the status of my case to change from 'Escalated' to 'In progress' and still I haven't gotten any reply like my case doesn't even exists, now I don't know if it's because or Christmas holidays [because it was escalated on 16th or December] or there's something wrong. First time on these forums because I don't see any other platform to help me out rn so I'd like to ask any of the Ubi's employees to actually look into my ticket number and see what is going on.

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Hey LanatDelRey, thanks for reaching out!

I had a look at your case and it appears that there may have been some confusion when tackling it, therefore I have forwarded it over to our development team, who will be able to review the appeal and give the final decision.

To add, I do also see that you have been waiting for some time and will see what I can do to speed up the process for you.

I appreciate your patience in the meantime and if you have any further questions, let us know!