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Hello. From some time now my voice chat isn't working at all, i can't hear anybody, and nobody can hear me, my name doesn't even show up in the right side of the screen when i try to speak. After a lot of days of not working, it started working for a whole day then it went to complete silence again.
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Hey pighiy, thanks for reaching out and apologies about the delayed response from our team.

Could you advise what audio device are you using? Have you possibly tried using an alternative one to see if issue persists?

Also, a very common problem tends to be background applications that are using voice-chat features, such as Discord as an example, therefore taking into consideration that you have done troubleshooting steps already, I just wanted to bring this up as it does get overlooked quite frequently.

If however issue persists regardless, may I ask you to provide us with a screenshot showing your in-game voice Audio settings and Windows Sound settings?

Let us know!

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